‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Kasugai who have a strong habit, fashion leader, doting type, etc.

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Crows with solid habits and individuality

In “Theatrical Version” Devil’s Blade “Infinite Train Edition,” many of you may be impressed by the appearance of Kasugai Crow flying with tears in his eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be drawn in the final episode of the TV anime “Infinite Train Edition,” scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

Kasugai is a crow for contact provided to each person who has passed the final selection and has become a member of the demon slaughter corps. Very talented crows, specially trained, able to understand and speak human language.

The crows have a childhood name given by the master of the mansion, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and a name given by the teammates when they are not owned by anyone yet. It seems that there are crows who want to keep their childhood names and crows who think of their names.

The crows were unique and, at the same time-wise and brave, and at the time of the final battle, they would not have been able to fight without the information they gathered. In this article, I would like to introduce Kasugai Crow, the pillars of Kasugai Crow, and his fellow soldiers.

This article contains information about scenes that have not yet been animated. Please be careful if you have not read the original manga.

Kasugai Crow / Tennoji Matsuemon

Kasugai Crow is a male named Tennouji Matsuemon. Matsuemon is an excellent crow, but he has a foul mouth and a big attitude. Since he thinks that Sumijiro is his disciple, he sometimes threatens to “peck around!”.

Kasugai Crow / Ukogi (Chuntaro)

Zeni’s Kasugai is not a crow but a male sparrow. There is a real name of “Ukogi,” but Zeni is called “Chuntaro.” The cuteness is outstanding, but Chuntaro cannot speak human language, so I have to say that his ability as a messenger is low.

It seems that he told Kanjiro, who can feel the feelings of Chuntaro from the smell, about the snoring habits, the bad habits of women, and the annoyance of snoring.

Inosuke’s Kasugai / Acorn Maru

Inosuke’s Kasugai, a male, named Acorn Maru. Every time he approached to announce the messenger, he repeated it repeatedly, and he was about to be eaten by Inosuke, so he became sick.

Kurihana Ochi Kanawo Kasugai / Isuzu

Kurihana Ochi Kanawo’s Kasugai is a female named Isuzu. When I was a kid, I was worried about Kanawo, who couldn’t express her emotions because a poisoned parent raised her.

Genya Shinazugawa’s Kasugai Crow / Haruka

The name of Genya Shinazugawa’s Kasugai is a male named “Hazel.” As soon as Hazel is paid, he is in the sadness of being roughly driven away. It seems that he is not on good terms with Kasugai Crow of Sumijiro and Matsuemon Tennoji.

Does a crow resemble a pillar with a stick! ?? Originally similar people! ??

Water column, Yoshiyuki Tomioka’s Kasugai / Kansaburo

Yoshiyuki Tomioka’s Kasugai is an elderly grandpa crow named Kenzaburo. Because he is old, he misunderstands the messenger, walks out during the battle, and lacks a sense of tension, which makes Yoshiyuki harassed.

Suppose the soldier who was attached to him died. In that case, Kasugai might be taken over by another soldier, so it is possible that Kansaburo had a sad experience of seeing off some of the soldier’s increase.

Insect pillar, Kocho Shinobu’s Kasugai / Gloss

Kocho Shinobu’s Kasugai is a female named En. In the original manga, Kanjiro, who wanted to know about “Hinokami Kagura,” asked the flame pillar, Purgatory Anjuro, so he was trying to entrust his message to Gloss.

Flame pillar, Purgatory Anjuro’s Kasugai / Required

Purgatory Anjuro’s Kasugai is a male named Kasugai. It is thought that the crow that was flying with tears in “Theatrical Version” Devil’s Blade “Infinite Train Edition” was the key to this. Like Kyoujuro’s crow, who fulfilled his responsibilities until the end and taught many things to Kanjiro and others in his fight and way of life, he must have a strong heart and fulfilled his responsibilities.

After the battle, even though the wounds had not healed completely, it was also crucial for Sumijiro to give directions when he visited Purgatory to convey the last words of Anjuro.

Sound pillar, Umeda Tengen no Kasugai / Nijimaru

Umeda Tengen’s Kasugai is a male named Nijimaru. He is as flashy as Tengen and is said to be a fashion leader in the crow world.

The fact that he is flying in the sky with the weight of accessories such as jewels may mean that the crow’s muscles are mushy under his wings.

Kasugai Crow / Ginko

Tokitomu Ichiro’s Kasugai is a female named Ginko and features long eyelashes. She is fond of Muichiro, and she is excitedly talking to Sumijiro and Kotetsu Shonen at the swordsmith’s village, saying, “Anoko is a genius Nanoyo !!” I’m not on good terms with Kasugai Crow and Tennoji Matsuemon of Sumijiro, and when Ginko says, “What’s Tennoyo Shimopaga,” Matsuemon returns. “Dokka line ke Matsuge Busu” and fights.

After her beloved Muichiro died at the end of the battle, she was sick, but with the support of Matsuemon, the two birds later became a pair.

Koi Pillar, Kanroji Temple Kasugai Crow / Rei

Kanroji Mitsuri’s Kasugai is a female named Urara. At the Hashira meeting held after the battle at the swordsmith’s village, she is depicted as embarrassed and moody. Like Mitsuri, she may be telephoning to the pillars gathered and Amane, the wife of the master of the mansion. She seems to have awakened to the sweet tooth because she often has a tea party with Mitsuri.

Snake pillar, Kasugai Crow in Iguro Kobashi / Yuan

Kasugai Crow in Iguro Kobashi is a male named Yuan. When the demon slaughterers were dropped on Mugenjo, Kasugai and others also jumped in and played a role in gathering and transmitting the information. Ikuro used the sword because Yuan gave information to Ikuro about how Muichiro made the sword in the battle with the first string Ichi, the black death sword.

Wind Pillar, Immortal River Miya’s Kasugai / Sourai

Immortal River Miya’s Kasugai is a male named Sorai. In the original manga, when the demon’s founder, Oni Mai Tsuji Miserable, appears in the maternity residence and is attacked, each pillar is urgently convened. Still, in front of Miya, he shouts, “Urgent convocation!” The figure that flies while approaching the devil is drawn.

Rei, who was having a tea party with Mitsuri, said that she became a sweet tooth, but she may also like botamochi.

Rock pillars and screams

The screaming Kasugai Crow is a male named Zekka. Mr. Screaming, who is said to be the strongest of the demon slaughter corps, is a veteran pillar with a strong spirit and body. It is presumed that Kasugai Crow is also a person (crow) who can work. In the final battle, it seems that he continued to inform Mr. Screaming about the changes in the battle situation.

The name of Kasugai Crow, who is depicted on the cover of Volume 16 of the original manga, is unknown, but his height is apparent. Unlike other crows, the message to Tamashii is also written in hiragana, so you can see that it is a unique existence.

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