What is your favorite ‘fossil Pokemon’?

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A traveling exhibition, ” Pokemon Fossil Museum” by the National Museum of Nature and Science, was started on July 4, 2021, at the Mikasa City Museum.

This project will familiarize you with paleontology by comparing fossil Pokemon and Pokemon with paleontology as a motif with actual fossils and paleontology.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce three specific Pokemon from the “fossil Pokemon” that can be restored from fossils in the game.


“Kabuto” is the first generation Pokemon that appeared from “Red / Green.” Pokemon restored from “Kora no Kaseki,” and it is thought that the horseshoe crab is the motif.

The characteristics are “Sui-Sui” and “Battle Armor.” I have other Pokemon, but by name, “Battle Armor” seems to be a characteristic for Kabuto and Kabutops.


“Putera” appears from “red/green” like Kabuto. It is a Pokemon that restores from the “secret amber” in which the gene is trapped. It is the only fossil Pokemon that can be used as a mega sinker. It is also famous as a handheld Pokemon of Wataru, the four heavenly kings who use dragon Pokemon, but it is a rock/flying type and does not have a dragon type.


” Wonoragon ” is a Pokemon (8th generation) that appeared in “Sword Shield.” It was restored by combining “Kaseki no Fish” and “Kaseki no Ryu.” It looks like a combination of the head of a fish and the back of a dinosaur, and the head is attached to the tip of the tail.

The characteristics are “chose” and “strong chin.” In particular, “Ganjo Chin” is expected to play an active role because it is intertwined with the unique technique “Origami.” In the anime version, it is also active as Satoshi’s handheld Pokemon.

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