Why did Anipoke’s ‘Satoshi World Champion’ get so excited? Urgent news in Shibuya, Tokyo, ‘Like’ exceeds 400,000 from all over the world.

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Based on the game of the same name, the TV anime “Pocket Monsters” (Anipoke) began broadcasting in 1997. Along with the development of the original, the world of Anipoke has also expanded, and the activities of the main character, Satoshi, and his partner, Pikachu, have been loved by many people.

And in Anipoke, which was broadcast on November 11, Satoshi became the world champion by defeating the undefeated champion, Dande, in the finals of the “Pokemon World Championships,” a tournament that determines the most decisive Pokémon battles.

This feat was not limited to the world of anime, as breaking news was broadcast on a large screen in Shibuya, Tokyo, on the night of the event, and over 410,000 “likes” flooded the official overseas Twitter accounts (as of 18:00 on November 12). ). Congratulatory messages from overseas have flooded in, and the topic has been flying around on social media in Japan, showing a fantastic response.

Why was Satoshi’s victory so exciting? First, I will introduce the background and the path he has walked. The “25-year history” that Satoshi has stepped on continued for 25 years, even though there was a short break since 1997 when Anipoke began broadcasting.

As a hero image that is loved across generations.
I was. The Pokémon that became friends and fought alongside him have changed, but Satoshi has always been active as the main character, and Pikachu has always been the same sidekick as the two.

And during these 25 years, the viewers have also spent time with Satoshi and others. Over the years, viewers who have grown from children to adults watch Satoshi as if they were watching their children. Also, there are many cases where parents and children enjoy Anipoke as they become addicted to it when they start watching it with their children.

Of course, there were times when I didn’t watch it, and many people started watching it halfway through, but many people, including those viewers, continued to watch the battle between Satoshi and Pikachu. Anipoke has penetrated beyond generations and audiences to the extent that some people say, “I don’t know much about Pokemon, but I do know Satoshi and Pikachu.”

Such expansion was possible because of the hard work of Satoshi and Pikachu, who ran through the long road of 25 years, and the enthusiasm of the viewers who continued to support them.

“World Champion” is the first outstanding achievement in 25 years!

Satoshi had a long run as the main character, but he didn’t always win. Rather, like so many people in real life, I repeatedly savor the bitter taste of defeat.

Unfortunately, he lost in the best 16 at his first buffalo competition. After that, he advanced to the top 8 in the Johto League Shirogane and Hoen League Saiyu tournaments and reached the top 4 in the Sinnoh League Zuzuran tournament.

However, in the Isshu League Higaki Tournament, we remained in the best 8, and the viewers felt frustrated by the back-and-forth results. However, his defeat became Satoshi’s strength, and he won second place in the Kalos League Miare tournament and the Alola League Manaro tournament.

Winning the Manalo tournament was in 2019. It’s the first victory I’ve succeeded in in 22 years since the start of broadcasting–but this is just one of the Pokémon League tournaments. It’s nothing more than a league match held in the Alola region. Of course, just winning a league match is a big deal, but it’s on a different scale than the “Pokemon World Championships” that became a hot topic this time.

The “Pokemon World Championships” is the largest tournament to determine the number one position in the world. Powerful players from all over the world participate, so the level of players is also uneven. For example, this time, the opponent in the finals was Dande, and Alain, who lost in the first round against Dande, was a player with a track record of defeating Satoshi and winning the Miare tournament.

Even the opponent who defeated Satoshi at the time was defeated in the first round of the “Pokemon World Championships.” In a world competition where fierce high-level competition continues, if Satoshi raises a miraculously big Venus, it is understandable that so much praise will fly.

In the wake of “World Champion,” “Satoshi’s retirement theory” is whispered. Is it?” is rumored.

Until now, Anipoke has developed a new series in line with the new Pokemon games. However, while the latest game version, “Pokemon Scarlet Violet,” will be released on November 18, there is no announcement of a new series from Anipoke.

For some time, animation and game production was significantly affected by the new coronavirus infection. A new wave is still coming, so there is a possibility that it is having an impact, but there is rarely any information so far.

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