‘Yamano Susume Next Summit’ will be broadcast in October Start of the YouTube program explored by voice actors

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It has been decided that the TV anime “Yamano Susume Next Summit” will be broadcast from October 2022. It was the first broadcast in the series in a 30-minute frame (12 episodes in total), and the key visuals were also released.

“Yamano Susume Next Summit” is a retrospective edited version of the past series, including a short story in which episodes 1 to 4 of the main story are newly added. It will be enjoyed by both those who are new to the work and fans. And after the 5th episode, it will be a completely new story.

In addition, with the role of Koharu, Emiri Iwai, the YouTube program “Yamano Susume Expedition” has started, visiting the places that appear in the “Yamano Susume” series and the places related to it. Yuko Gibu, who plays the role of Hikari Onozuka, will appear as the first guest to explore Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. The delivery time will be announced later, and it is scheduled for mid-May.

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