‘Brand Shinhwa’ BTS Jimin hits bookstores. K-pop’s first 3D lenticular photobook tops the bestseller list.

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Jimin of BTS is raising sales that realize the power of the mythical brand that has been ranked number one for 41 months through a solo cover photo book.

At 2 pm on the 4th, BTS’s D-icon’s special photobook of ‘Defesta started pre-ordering at major online bookstores. According to ‘Yes 24’, Jimin’s pictorial has been consistently ranked first in the magazine category of ‘Yes 24 Bestseller’, which is counted once a day based on the number of orders and sales online and in stores for the past seven days as of the 13th. It ranked first within the team on the ‘Daily Bestseller,’ swept the ‘Weekly Best’ overall, and swept through Yes24, the No.

In ‘Aladdin,’ it ranked first among the members of ‘Weekly Bestseller’ in the magazine category and first in ‘Now Bestseller’ as of the 13th. It took first place in online bookstores.

In response, American Hallyu media ‘Allkpop’ focused on the news of Jimin’s pictorial, which is being sold in popularity, covering many of Korea’s leading online bookstores. The media paid attention to the unique brand power of Jimin, who has a large fandom in Korea, and the public recognition of Jimin, who set new records for 41 months in individual boy group brand reputation and 35 times in male and female idol brand reputation.

On the other hand, D-Icon’s ‘Difesta’ special photobook added specialness with the first 3D lenticular cover of the K-pop photobook, and in particular, Jimin’s alluring and beautiful luxury visuals that contain all of the charms of the East and the West aroused the desire to own it and sold ten days ago. To this day, it has consistently ranked #1 in sales.

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