‘BTS Jin, the real thing is much more handsome’ ‘Face Genius.’

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The director of Vogue, who saw BTS Jin in person, said he was much more handsome in real life and was the only member to follow Jin’s Instagram.

Recently, the American media Allkpop reported that Jin’s natural body received praise once again through an article. Minji Kwon, creative director of Vogue Korea, who conducted a photoshoot and interview with BTS, posted on his Instagram account, “It was a super nice interviewee. He looks much more handsome.” Vuitton) in a suit, Vuitton posted a pictorial photo of Jin staring at the screen.

After the interview, Director Minji Kwon was the only member to follow Jin’s Instagram. All K-Pop said, “All BTS members were interviewed for this magazine, and Jin caused an explosive reaction on social media with a photoshoot for Vogue.”

The media said that everyone who sees Jin in real-life mentions how beautiful his real life is. The analysis also added that Jin’s ability and appearance as a model seem to be the points that catch the eyes of creative directors.

In July, the media explained that Virgil Abloh (artistic director of Louis Vuitton) chose jeans as the closing model for his fall-winter collection and as a show stopper. He said that he re-posted a self-portrait of Jean on his Instagram, emphasizing Jean as a model that perfectly represents Louis Vuitton.

The World Music Awards official account said, “Jin, who has Yours, the solo song that took the most number 1 spots on iTunes this year, looked great in the Vogue Korea BTS special edition. And Jin gave his fans a ‘He delivered a message that energized himself by saying, ‘Love Yourself and Just Go.'”

Jin was selected as the world’s most sculptural face by Czech doll craftsmen, the world’s most perfect face by the Dutch visual artist team, and the male god of beauty with the same proportions as the ancient Greek statue selected by a research institute in Ireland. It also has the title of the best male god of beauty selected by experts in

He is the main character of various visual kings, including No. 1 in Most Handsome Man in the World, and on July 21, the beauty website ‘Andrey Beauty Studio’ announced, “Kim Seok-jin is the most handsome man in the world.” Jin was selected as the ‘World’s Most Handsome Man’ through an article titled

Recently, he took first place in ‘Forbes’ Visual King,’ and with this victory, he recorded ‘7 visual votes’ last year alone, showing off his face as a ‘face genius.’ Jin was also selected as the number 1 celebrity in real life and was also selected as the ‘perfect face that matches the golden ratio’ by domestic and foreign plastic surgeons.

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