BTS V, Tae Tae Land (Japan) K-Pop Male Idol Popularity Ranked 1st for 99 consecutive weeks

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BTS’ V swept No. 1 in the popularity poll for K-pop male idols at Taetae Land Japan, showing unrivaled popularity.

From February 13th to 19th, V took first place with 19,065 votes in the ‘K-Pop Male Idol Ranking’ vote conducted by ‘Nehan,’ a popular Japanese idol ranking site, and held the throne for 99 consecutive weeks.

In the same week, K-board, which provides information on K-culture, showed off his status as K-pop’s representative visual by ranking first in the K-pop handsome idol poll for 55 consecutive weeks.

In addition, in the poll for ‘Korean Actors in their 20s’ on the popular Korean actor ranking site ‘Bihan,’ he has maintained first place for 95 consecutive weeks, proving his presence as an actor ‘Taehyung Kim.’

Although it is only one drama appearance, the popularity of V’s drama ‘Hwarang’ is still hot on various platforms, including Japanese airwaves.

Japanese broadcasting station TBS has aired the drama ‘Hwarang’ several times and boasts a first place in viewership ratings every time.

‘KPOP JUICE,’ which deals with K-pop idol rankings and audition information, is the first K-pop idol to have accumulated 3 million votes. Not only did it achieve it, but it was ranked first throughout the entire period, showing off its hot popularity.

Not long ago, Japanese media drew attention by introducing the secret of V’s popularity as a syndrome through a cartoon.

‘Danmee’ (Danmi), a Japanese media specializing in K-pop and K-drama, reported that V captivates fans with his beauty and soulful cave voice. Still, above all, his most extraordinary charm is ‘humanity.’

In a restaurant in the past, Introducing an episode in which he put his autograph on a high wall on behalf of a restaurant owner with back pain, he emphasized that V is a popular idol who has everything from singing, dancing, acting, and visuals to a warm personality, and received a great response.

V, enjoying global popularity as a multi-entertainer, meets fans worldwide through K-entertainment this time. On the

24th, the news that V’s first solo variety show, ‘Seo Jin,’ will be serviced through Amazon’s global OTT Prime Video. Fans all over the world are cheering ahead of the first broadcast.

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