‘Hit Song’ Kim Hee-Cheol ‘Uhm Jung-Hwa, the genius of transformation with a new concept.’

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‘Hit Song’ Uhm Jung-Hwa’s ‘I don’t know took 7th place with the last lyrics.

The KBS Joy program ‘Twenty Century Hit Song’ (from now on ‘Hit Song’), which was broadcast on the 11th, was decorated with the theme of ‘Top 10 hit songs with lyrics hidden by exciting dance songs’.

Kim Hee-Cheol, who saw Uhm Jung-Hwa’s ‘I don’t know’ stage on this day, said, “I still have an era to the point where I say ‘I don’t know when I use this headset.” He said, “It’s a fashion at the end of the century. was,” he explained.

Kim Min-ah said, “Even the last lyrics seem to be digested with her sexy beauty, but she sang a lot of drama-class songs to the extent that I thought she might be the godmother of the last lyrics.”

On the other hand, the KBS Joy program ‘Twentieth Century Hit Song’ is a new concept new to music chart show program that summons and reinterprets KBS’s old K-pop program, which contains Korean songs, to quench the thirst for newtro songs that the public wants.

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