‘My favorite is Seokjin’ BTS Jin, a British singer who suffers from Seokjin.

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BTS Jin is a hot topic after being loved by a British singer.

British singer Pink Pantheress, a long-time fan of her BTS band, took her to the spotlight by citing her favorite jeans as her own.

Pink Pantherless is a singer-songwriter and music producer from Britain’s ‘Sound of 2022’ winner. ‘Sound Of’ is a voting system in which music critics and industry officials select noteworthy new artists and is hosted by the BBC, the UK’s best public broadcaster. Globally famous ‘MIKA,’ ’50 Cent’, and ‘Adele’ have been selected as No. 1.

Pank Pantherless said they had followed the journey since 2013, BTS’s debut. In an interview with NME, they expressed their affection, saying, “I am proud to have been a fan of BTS even before they became popular (before they became popular).”

In communicating with fans using Instagram, Pink Pantherless drew attention by answering the question, ‘Who is your favorite?’ as Jin.

Overseas media outlets worldwide also paid attention to Pink Lanceris’ answer. All K-pop, a North American media outlet, said with the title, “Pink Pantherless’s favorite is Jin.” “Most people think that Pink Pantherless’s favorite is Jin, for some reason.” In addition, he expressed his anticipation, saying, “There are a lot of posts requesting collaboration between the two artists.”

Indonesian dating and lifestyle platform Pink Bella also wrote a post saying, “Pink Pantheris, famous for ‘Boy’s A Liar Pt. You can also see the collaboration tracks of the two,” expressing anticipation for the collaboration between the two.

Jin was previously chosen as the favorite of many domestic and foreign artists, actors, athletes, celebrities, scientists, and business people.

Actors Park Ha-sun and So Yoo-jin have shown their affection for Jin by saying that Jin is her favorite, and Indian artist Ghea Indrawari has released a song dedicated to Jin and supports Jin to the point of filming her music video. Gea Indriwari called the work a ‘miracle’ and revealed her fan following of her gin.

Simon Pegg, a famous American actor. Howie Mendel, a judge on America’s Got Talent. Hye Park, a top world-class model, James O’Donoghue, a planetary expert and science correspondent, and Kiera Cass, an American writer, all choose Jin as their favorite regardless of field. Confessed her love

Fans commented, “Seokjin was chosen as their favorite among trainees, singers, and role models,” “I can’t help but like it,” “You have the same taste as me,” “This is the dignity of a superstar,” “I like Pink Panther’s songs. My favorite is Seokjin, after all”, “All eyes are the same,” “Please cooperate,” “Let’s go for a collaboration,” etc.

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