The first solo stage of ‘K-Pop’ ‘BTS’ possessed by the United States

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Every summer in Chicago, USA, a large outdoor music festival with 30 years of history, ‘Lola Falluja,’ is held.

J-Hope, who became the first runner in the solo career of the group BTS, heated the Lola Falluja stage for the first time as a Korean singer.

LOLLAPALOOZA, a music festival held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

J-Hope appears on stage while jumping from the scene with colorful firecrackers from the toy box.

J-Hope opened the show with the title song ‘More’ of her first solo album ‘Jack in the Box’ released on the 15th of last month.

“I’m BTS’s J-Hope. You can call me ‘J.'”

Fans around the world with their cell phone lights on, cheering and cheering, holding up placards written in Korean such as ‘Hoseok-ah’ and ‘Bangtan Style,’ and for

About an hour, BTS’ hit song Dynamite, including songs from the solo album. He sang a total of 18 songs, including

A long line started to form at 5 a.m. to get a seat ahead of the performance.

“I’m excited. I’ve been to their concerts before when J-Hope was with BTS. Other than solo shows. I’m looking forward to it.”

J-Hope set a record as the first Korean musician to decorate the main stage in the 30-year history of Lola Falluja.

Before the performance, J-Hope expressed his thanks in Korean to Korean fans, and symbols of Seoul such as the Olympic Park Peace Gate, Yeouido National Assembly Building, and Namsan Tower appeared on the large screen.

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