‘K-Pop Cover Dance World Final’ will be held on the 15th of the new month.

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The ‘K-Pop Cover Dance Festival World Final’ will be held on the 15th of next month on Nodeul Island, Seoul, where teams from 13 countries, including the United States and Canada, will participate. It is part of the Seoul Music Festival, which will resume as a face-to-face event after three years.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 27th that it would hold the ‘2022 Seoul Music Festival on October 13-16 on Nodeul Island. The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival World Final particular stage will be held on the main stage of Nodeul Island at 5 pm on the 15th during the event period.

Representative dance teams from 13 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, and Australia, will participate. They will perform a dynamic cover dance to K-pop songs that have become very popular worldwide, such as Nmix’s ‘O.O,’ The Boyz’s ‘Maverick,’ and (G) I-DLE’s ‘Tomboy.’ An official from Seoul explained, “It will be a place where you can feel the passion of people worldwide who love K-pop.”

The central performance is held every evening at 7 pm during the event period. On the 13th, musicians with bright and beautiful tones, such as Soran, Park Hye-won, Jo Yu-ri, and Jeong Se-Woon, will be on stage. On the 14th, Baek Ji-young, Lee Seok-hoon, and Ung-san fill the autumn sensibility profoundly and deeply. On the 15th, Dynamic Duo, Jung Hong-il Band, and N.Flying showed intense sounds. Finally, on the last day, the 16th, Gummy, Jaehwan Kim, Ailee, and others participate and fill Nodeulseom with the healing power of music.

In addition, experimental music and street performances by students from six universities, including Dong-A University of Media and Arts, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kyunghee University, and Hanyang University, will be held.

Admission to the entire event is free. Seat reservations can be made through Naver from 10 am on the 28th. For parents with preschool children, picnic seats (picnic seats) are also available, where you can sit on a mat and watch the performance comfortably. Reservations can be made through the Seoul Public Reservation System. You can also watch live on the Seoul YouTube channel.

Joo Yong-Tae, head of the Seoul Culture Division, said, “I hope that you can enjoy the Seoul Music Festival with your family and friends in the fall, the season of romance, and find vitality in your daily life.”

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