K-pop year and K-art to the world ‘Korean Eye 2020’ opens in Seoul

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[Edaily Reporter Eunbi Kim] ‘Korean Eye 2020: Special Exhibition: Creativity and Daydream’, where you can appreciate the works of up-and-coming Korean artists in one place, will be held on the B1 of Lotte World Mall, Jamsil, Seoul from the 23rd. It will be held in ‘Global Eye 2020’, which started its global tour beginning with the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2019 to introduce Korean contemporary art to the world, continued its exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London, the UK last year, and will end its show in Seoul, hometown this year. get off

‘Korean Eye 2020’ held a press conference at Lotte World Mall on the 22nd. It announced the start of the exhibition, saying, “For this exhibition, we received support from more than 600 artists, and we discovered young artists by seeing the exhibitions of these artists.” ‘Korean Eye’ was started about ten years ago by super collector David and Serenella Cichlitira, founders of PCA (Parallel Contemporary Art), who fell in love with the charm of Korean contemporary art while traveling in Korea to introduce it to the world. PCA, a non-profit company that supports contemporary art, has expanded the project to ‘Global Eye,’ which introduces Asian countries following ‘Korean Eye.’ The ‘Korean Eye’ exhibition was held in England and the United States from 2009 to 2012.

David Cichlitira, who attended the meeting online that day, said, “When I first visited Korea, I was deeply impressed with K-Pop and watched the changes that lead to Rain, Big Bang, and Psy.” Because there are so many, I can work with writers such as Song Min-ho in ‘Korean Eye 2020′,” he said. Serenella Cichlitira expressed her affection for Korean artists, saying, “Because of Korean artists’ unique and traditional materials, I became more interested in Korean works than in other Asian countries.”

For this ‘Korean Eye 2020’, 30 artists were selected under the theme of ‘Creativity & Daydream’ by Serenella Cichritira, Dimitri Ozekov, director of the Hermitage Museum, and Philippa Adams, director of Saatchi Gallery. Sixteen artists participated in the previous global tour, but seven new artists and seven exceptional artists participated in this special exhibition in Seoul. A total of 90 works in various fields, including painting, sculpture, installation, embroidery, video, and photography, were exhibited for the exhibition.

In particular, K-pop stars Minho Song (Ohnim), Seungyoon Kang (Yooyeon), and Henry Lau participated as special guests in this exhibition and attracted attention. Minho Song, active as a rapper and writer, has previously revealed his work activities several times through his Instagram. In this exhibition, he will present seven paintings. It is characterized by highly saturated colors on a rather dark and gloomy background. Singer Henry hung a pendulum painting technique that was shown working on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone.’ The pendulum painting technique is a work in which a paint bucket is hung on a long pendulum, and the pendulum motion is used to scatter paint. Singer Seungyoon Kang will present a photographic piece that is an extension of his musical activity.

In addition, Lee Se-Kyung, who has used unusual and unique media in a traditional way, uses various media such as painting, sculpture, and neon lighting to create a ceramic series decorated with hair patterns. Jungho Ok, who has worked with performances, photography, and video, presents a new perspective on everyday behavior through images of constantly chewing something with ‘Noblesse Hybridige,’ which wittily expresses the aristocratic culture of The exhibition runs until August 25th.

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