Hallyu is ‘clear’ Performances and art are ‘in the fog.’

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The ‘Korean Wave’ is spreading all over the world. At the Academy and Golden Globe Awards, which seemed far away just a few years ago, Korean artists are delivering news of awards one after another.

Hallyu is rapidly spreading beyond K-pop to various fields such as dramas and movies.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have set up a plan to focus on promoting the Korean artistic Wave and Korean language, as well as promoting international cultural exchange, so that the cultural industry-centered Hallyu can be expanded into the “New Hallyu” that encompasses all aspects of Korean culture in 2022.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which established the Hallyu Support and Cooperation Division in 2020, plans to support overseas advancement in the field of culture and art by the internationalization of Korean art and the operation of Korean rooms in overseas museums next year and to strengthen the foundation for the spread of Hallyu by promoting the Korean language such as overseas Korean language education. To be. In addition, cultural exchanges and cooperation between countries will be expanded, and a new ‘(tentative name) Korea Season’ will be operated to intensively promote Korean culture.

It is also optimistic that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is making efforts to include the voices of the field, including content creators and producers, business people, and policy consumers such as experts.

On January 11, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a meeting for significant projects in the content industry in the Seoul Pavilion of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and communicated.

At this meeting, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared the direction and plans for this year’s business, such as the overseas expansion of Hallyu (K) content, immersive content and broadcast video content development business, and preparation of a system to respond to copyright infringement in domestic content due to the spread of Hallyu, and practical support measures and suggestions. Were discussed comprehensively.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism expanded the industrial ripple effect of Hallyu by supporting the overseas expansion of Hallyu contents and related industries, and to respond to the demand for Hallyu cultural exchange at home and abroad, contents and four related industries (Culture, Food, Beauty, Brand K )) We plan to conduct cooperative projects with related ministries and organizations.

In particular, to expand the industrial influence of Hallyu, support for promotion and marketing of Hallyu-related companies and related industrial companies (KRW 4.5 billion), raise awareness of Hallyu-related products by establishing public relations centers in overseas bases, and support overseas expansion (KRW 4 billion) will do, In addition, a Korean Wave exposition will be held overseas (2 billion won) jointly with related ministries.

Expectations for the Hallyu wave are growing in the year of Lim, but 2022 in the performing arts and art world is difficult to predict.

According to the Performing Arts Integrated Computer Network (KOPIS) of the Arts Management Support Center on January 14, the total number of performances in 2021 was 1762. The total sales recorded about 307.1 billion won. Compared to 9,350 performances in 2019, total sales of about 239.7 billion won, 5014 performances in 2020, and total sales of about 172.1 billion won, there is a recovery trend. However, the variable due to the corona is still too significant.

In November of last year, the government had high expectations for the announcement of ‘With Corona.’ Still, it is experiencing difficulties again due to the spread of the Omicron mutant virus. The emergence of a mutant virus with strong contagious power can radically change the situation in the performance world.

Expectations such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Richard III’ and changes such as the National Theater’s ‘Online Theater’ are positive.

It is unclear whether the art market, which was ‘clear’ last year, will continue to see clear skies.

According to the ‘Korea Art Market Information System (KART MARKET)’ and art market research run by the Art Management Support Center on January 3, “The size of the Korean art market in 2021 is 324.2 billion won in the auction market, and the sales of the top 5 art fairs are 1235. It is 100 million won (KIAF, Art Busan, Daegu Art Fair, Gallery Art Festival, Busan International Art Fair),” he said. The Korean art market recorded 327.7 billion won in 2020, growing by 179.4%.

As the art market continues to grow, growing pains follow. On January 3, the Korea Gallery Association issued a statement saying, “Two major auction companies must comply with the gentleman agreement signed with the Korea Gallery Association!”

In a statement, the Korea Gallery Association said, “The two major auction companies must abide by the agreement signed with the Gallery Association in 2007.” told.

‘Non-Fungible Token (NFT)’ is a field that played an essential role in the art market’s growth last year. It played a role in attracting the MZ generation to the buyer group, which is accessible to NFT-based ownership and transaction methods.

However, factors such as the incomplete system for the new art market such as NFT and copyright issues remain variables. While quantitative austerity is being discussed, it is necessary to carefully watch how the art market will change in the face of a contraction in the overall asset market.

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