US media illuminate the K-content craze and CJ ENM strategy

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While the US media highlighted the global craze of Korean content, CJ ENM’s ongoing global K-Culture Festival was also introduced.

CJ ENM announced on the 23rd that the American entertainment media ‘Variety’ introduced CJ ENM’s actions and strategies along with reports on the global craze of K-contents in the edition published on August 17 (local time) during the KCON 2022 LA.

In the 9-page intensive press section titled ‘Korea Wave Hits With Big Impact’, we analyzed the status of K content after Corona 19.

The media explained, “The rules of the fast-growing entertainment industry are being redefined after the pandemic.

In addition, CJ ENM introduced cases of spreading K-content in various fields such as dramas, music, and movies. Since 2020, when face-to-face performances were not easy due to the pandemic, the untact (non-face-to-face) version ‘KCON: TACT’ of the K-culture festival ‘KCON’ was held through a digital platform, and continued with global fans. It is said to have communicated with

In an interview with Variety, Kim Hyeon-soo, head of CJ ENM’s music content division, said, “The effect of holding a non-face-to-face concert targeting the MZ generation (born in the early 1980s and early 2000s) who are familiar with the digital environment has the effect of strengthening the global K-pop fandom. could get it,” he said.

Variety also paid attention to the steps taken by Korean entertainment companies, including CJ ENM, to expand and reorganize their global content business during the pandemic in line with global online video service (OTT) Korean content demand.

CJ ENM Studios CEO Yoon Je-gyun explained, “In Korea, there are active exchanges in the two areas of film and television programs, which were once clearly distinguished.” In particular, the change in distribution was the most noticeable.” He said, “The boundaries between genre and format are blurred, so there is no such thing as a clear trend now, and the most important thing is the story.”

Meanwhile, Variety also analyzed the meaning and performance of KCON’s 10th anniversary. KCON has grown into a platform that showcases K-pop as well as Korean beauty products, food, and Korean culture.

Angela Killoren, CEO of CJ ENM Americas, said, “It is amazing that a K-pop event like KCON is held at a large-scale event, and that fans of all countries and generations gather at this site.” I hope that it will become a mecca for Korean entertainment, and I hope that K-pop fans will visit KCON once a year to feel a sense of belonging.”

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