BTS V, British media’s ‘Most Popular K-Pop Idol in 2021’. ‘Has the most passionate fan base.’

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BTS V was selected as the top 10 most popular male and female K-pop idols globally, proving its global popularity.

British entertainment media Nubia Magazine has revealed the ten most popular idols in the article “Most Popular Kpop Idols Worldwide 2021 (Male &Female) Groups”.

V took first place in the male idol and all idol categories, and Blackpink’s Lisa took first place in the female idol category.

The media revealed that the ten most popular idols, regardless of gender, were selected to analyze vast amounts of data online and offline.

Data collected online included data collected from more than 70 popular social media platforms worldwide and data gathered from Google Trends and Google News. It was revealed that the investigation was conducted in the form of asking questions about K-pop idols.

He added that, in the past six months, for one year, the artist’s fame and trend and several factors such as global reach, favorable feelings, the dedication of fans, and love of international fans were reflected.

The media said, “V has taken over the Internet with his fame and popularity, and he is the most popular idol. It can be said that he has the most passionate fan base. The reason why he is so loved is that V is a popular actor, acting and singing. , because he is a successful artist who excels in performance.” He also explained that V’s fans exist extensively in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

In addition, he added that V’s name is not trending on Twitter to prevent the Twitter algorithm from crashing due to the massive amount of mentions, and although BTS is popular, V has a firm and robust fandom.

In China and Russia, where individual fandoms of BTS members are active, V’s fan club has the most significant number of members, proving this. The Chinese fan club has more than 1.7 million members.

According to Dearzone, the largest K-pop community active in Russia’s largest social network VK, the number of fan club members of V ranks 4th after BTS, EXO, and Blackpink, ranking highest as an individual in 2019 and 2020 consecutively. . V also has the most followers on Instagram fan pages run by fans without a personal account.

V shows his fan power by breaking various records such as the first and highest records on BTS’ official SNS, 1st in Wikipedia page views, 1st in fancam ideas, 1st in a group purchase of BTS albums, and 1st in iTunes world records.

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