Stacy’s ‘ASAP’ selected as ‘2021 Best K-Pop’ by Time Magazine

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The group STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ was selected as the ‘Best K-Pop in 2021’ by Time magazine, proving its global status.

According to ‘Best K-Pop in 2021’ announced on the 1st (local time) by TIME, a famous American media, on its official website, the 2nd single ‘STAYDOM’ of Stay C, released in April The title song ‘ASAP’ was listed along with songs from top domestic artists.

Time magazine evaluated Mr. Stay’s ‘ASAP’ as having an undeniable melody that revolves around once it is put in your ear. He also praised, “The kitsch song seems to radiate the bouncy charm of summer when the breeze blows.”

In particular, she added that they could feel their charisma even in the playful lyrics of finding a half. Not only that, but “their messages saying, ‘I think I’m cool’ are very attractive.”

Stacy’s ‘ASAP,’ which was named in Time magazine’s ‘Best K-Pop of 2021’, is a song that wittily expresses the desire that the ideal type perfectly drawn in the heart will appear ASAP (As Soon As Possible). It has a refreshing and attractive sound.

StayC is showing a hot presence at home and abroad, such as being selected as one of the ‘Rising Korean Artists 5’ by the US Grammys, and ‘ASAP’ continues to have a long run on the real-time charts of significant music sites even during inactivity.

On the other hand, StayC has recently completed the second single, ‘STAYDOM,’ and has been continuously communicating with fans by releasing various contents through the official YouTube channel./

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