BTS’ Jin, ‘Epiphany’ continues to be popular 141 million streams on Spotify

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BTS Jin’s solo song ‘Epiphany,’ which conveys the message of ‘self-affirmation, is steadily receiving love from fans worldwide.

According to Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, the song ‘Epiphany’ from BTS’ album ‘LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer” surpassed 141 million streams as of the 28th of last month.

‘Epiphany’ is a song that contains a message not to forget the importance of oneself and gives support and comfort to fans around the world during difficult times such as pandemics. Since its release in August 2018, it has been shown on the solo stage of the concerts ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Love Yourself: Spik Yourself,’ which have been held for two years, captivating fans worldwide. This song has been loved for a long time because it conveys emotions by fully expressing the lyrics with a clear tone and an appealing voice.

Recently, the American entertainment media ‘Allkpop’ also re-examined Jin’s ‘Epiphany.’ The media said, “Jin contributed to the metaphorical and psychological aspects of BTS’ art and message.” The ‘Love Yourself’ series came out by sharing Jin’s personal experiences and values ​​with members and producers.

Another media outlet, Bandwagon, named Jin one of the Asian artists who had a significant impact on dispelling mental health prejudices and starting conversations.

The media said, “It takes a lot of courage to talk openly about mental health issues, but Jin is a celebrity who enjoys tremendous popularity, but he was also brave enough to face millions of people.” ‘paid attention to. Then, quoting Jin’s story, “I should always be myself and never listen to the negative things others say about me,” he said, “I emphasized that the greatest treasure in a person’s life is himself, which is exactly the theme of Epiphany. It is a part that is in perfect contact with In Love My Self.”

The British magazine TATLER’s Asian version (Hong Kong and the Philippines) also included Jin’s solo song ‘Epiphany,’ which gave comfort and healing, to “9 moving lyrics that even non-BTS fans can relate to” on the 10th.

The media said, “Jin struggled with anxiety and accepting herself in Epiphany. Because of the beautiful arrangement, Jin’s soft vocals, and deeply moving lyrics, this song is a favorite of many fans around the world.”

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