The Christmas version of Stacey’s ‘sunglasses’ exploded in response. K-pop fandom app ‘Blip’ new content released.

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Girl group StayC gave fans a special gift to celebrate the end of the year through the K-pop fandom app’ Blip.’

Recently, ‘Duckmate in my hand, Blip’ released a ‘Christmas with Stay-C (Christmas Ver.)’ video through the official YouTube channel.

‘blah blah’ is Blip’s new content that focuses on ‘close-up shots of faces’ of idols that fans like, and Stacey was selected as the first protagonist of the honor.

In the Christmas version video of ‘STEREOTYPE,’ announcing the start of ‘Bla Bla,’ Mr. Stay showed off his charms by transforming into a fresh and lively Santa. Each member’s charm points were perfectly fine revealed, catching the attention of fans.

The video not only set an astonishing record of over 400,000 views within a week of its release but also continues to receive explosive responses from fans even after Christmas.

Netizens commented on “The best gift for Christmas,” “A video with a different feeling that you’ve never seen before,” “Authentic sweet eye healing content that fits perfectly with Hemeko’s triple beat,” “The sense of alternately showing facial shots and upper body shots like a devotee.” In particular, global fans are pouring high praise on the new look of Stay C and Blip’s new content, ‘Bla Bla’ in languages ​​worldwide.

In addition, Mr. Stay finished the year meaningfully by appearing in ‘Blip Data Lab,’ the original content of Blip, and pointing out the growth points of the year that they were not aware of, and included the ‘trowel’ picture posted on Blip by fans and TMI, etc. I also had a good time checking it out.

Not only that, but she was also selected as the ‘Artist of the Month’ by ​​the K-Pop Radar in October, proving that she is a representative rookie of the 4th generation and showing her infinite growth potential, drawing more attention.

Meanwhile, ‘Blip’ is a mobile application launched by Space Audi, a music startup, to support fan activities more conveniently by fans around the world.

After its official launch in June of last year, it achieved remarkable results, ranking first in the Google Play Lifestyle category, and was also selected as the ‘App of the Day App Store.’

Recently, it has been well received for its differentiated content and high level of perfection. It has been selected as the 1st place in Google Play’s ‘2021 Window Program 3’ and has been discussed.

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