Bumkey-BDC Announces Cyber ​​Violence Pre-Broadcast with Green Tree Foundation

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The Green Tree Foundation (the Youth Violence Prevention Foundation) released the digital version of ‘Stop Now,’ a pre-broadcast of cyber violence produced by Bumkey and BDC under Brand New Music.
‘Stop Now’ is a cyberbullying example broadcast produced by Bumkey, the representative R&B artist of Brand New Music, who is with the Green Tree Foundation’s youth violence prevention activities, and sung by the three-member boy group BDC (Kim Si-Hoon, Hong Seong-Jun, Yoon Jung-Hwan).

‘Stop Now’ is a song that tells the story of victims, perpetrators, and bystanders, based on what Bumkey personally visited the foundation several times, met with a school (cyber) violence counselor, and listened to their experiences and cases. It delivers a message of consolation to the victim, a wish to stop hurting words and actions and ask for forgiveness with sincerity to the perpetrator, and the courage to stop by and act to bystanders.

While participating in this cyberbullying preview project, Bumkey said, “I pitied the cyberbullying issue that has become more serious as school violence has become digitized. took part in it,” he said.

BDC also left a message hoping for citizens’ interest and active participation, saying, “We participated to share the will of youth cyberbullying prevention.

The foundation is recruiting for a music video that teenagers directly participate in with the release of the sound source for the cyberbullying broadcast of ‘Stop Now.’ Artworks are accepted until September 5 (Sunday), and besides music videos, we are also recruiting for posters, webtoons, and app development fields to prevent and solve social problems related to cyberbullying. More details can be found in the post of ‘The 2nd Cyber ​​Violence Prevention Idea Contest with Foucault’ on the Blue Elephant website.

On the other hand, BDC released a unique single, ‘MOONWALKER,’ that completes its amazing moon world view on the 10th and captivates the eyes and ears of global K-pop fans with high-quality vocals and a sophisticated, sophisticated voice moonwalking performance. Bumkey and BDC are conducting social contribution activities to prevent and eradicate school violence and cyberbullying. Our youth can live in a safe cyber world despite their busy schedules.

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