‘Girls Planet 999’ Seventeen, ‘Pretty’ team, wins boy group battle ‘Bright energy.’

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In the 4th episode of Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ (in the future ‘Girls Planet 999’), which was broadcast on the 27th, During the stage, K-pop masters Sunmi and Tiffany Young’s friendly advice to the participants conveyed a warm feeling.

In the rebroadcast immediately after the main broadcast of ‘Girls Planet 999’, the average audience rating for teenage females was 2.64%. While the average audience ratings for women in their teens to 40s are all over 1%, female viewers in their teens are particularly enthusiastic. (Based on the metropolitan area, paid platform/ provided by Nielsen Korea) Also, in the global region, in Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, in countries around the world such as the US, UK, and Brazil, as well as program names, participant names such as Gun Maya, Ahn Jung-min, and Wang Ya-reo are trending in real-time on Twitter. It went on to prove its hot global topic.

IZ*ONE’s ‘FIESTA’ team 1, which included Kang Ye-SEO and Sakamoto Mashiro, showed an uneasy appearance as Hwang Sing-Qiao made a lyric error in the midterm evaluation followed by tempo and choreography mistakes that did not match the team members at all. However, with the warm encouragement of the team members, Xingqiao Hwang devoted himself to practicing day and night. On the stage of this competition, he caught the attention of the masters with his most stunning performance. K-pop master Sunmi said, “I’m proud that Xingqiao Hwang overcame his lack of self-confidence and did this.” In the end, 24 hours before the voting deadline, the double benefit returned to the first team of ‘Fiesta.’

OH, MY GIRL’s ‘5th Season’ team 1 practiced in a pleasant atmosphere with the positive power of the leader and main vocalist Kim Bo-ra and the leadership that meticulously looked at the team members’ vocals and choreography. In the mid-term inspection, they harmonized well with each other and were well received by the masters. Team 2 of ‘The Fifth Season’ also practiced with the lead of leader and main vocalist Na-Yeon, but during the mid-check, mistakes in lyrics, pitch, and choreography continued from the first measure and received harsh criticism from the masters. After the mid-term check, the two teams rehearsed with leader Na-Yeon as the central axis. In the end, the rehearsal stage for this contest showed a different finished performance from the mid-term evaluation, making it unpredictable. However, the 2nd team did not immerse themselves in the song on the main competition stage and showed a lack of confidence. The championship was won by team 1 of the ‘fifth season.

The evaluation of the BTS ‘Mic Drop’ team was halted at the request of the master, as they looked dazed without confidence and choreographed due to lack of practice. After the midterm evaluation, Ahn Jung-min took the role of the team leader by reading through the team members and leading the course. Contrary to the concerns of the masters, this contest was praised for being 180 degrees different from the midterm evaluation.

SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty U’ team radiated pleasant energy by drawing laughter from the masters in the midterm evaluation. The masters recommended that Gun Maya, who appealed to her cute charm, take on the killing part, and Lee Yoon-Ji, the existing killing part manager and leader, yielded the killing part for the team. The result is a great success. The ‘Pretty’ team, which showed bright energy from beginning to end, was praised for “the chemistry between the team members stood out.”

In the midterm evaluation, EXO’s ‘Eve of the Eve’ team was evaluated as “it doesn’t feel like one team” because individual skills are at the top of the list, but they do not harmonize as a whole. After the midterm evaluation, the ‘Eve of the Night’ team redistributed parts to show better performance. After the main contest stage was over, it was praised as “It’s a pity that I couldn’t show more than the overall expectations were high.” Nonaka Shana drew praise from the masters with her clean tone and excellent vocal skills.

As the benefit of triple, the number of votes was staked, and the boy group’s confrontation results were fierce. The first result of the three teams that showed their close-knit skills was a tie, and SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty section with a higher combined score took the victory.

K-pop masters Sunmi and Tiffany Young personally visited the girls after the ‘Connect Mission’ was finished. The two, who have been active for a long time as solo singers from a girl group, have given their sincere advice to girls as seniors in the music industry and seniors in life.

Sunmi first said, “I don’t want you to dwell on dropping out,” and Tiffany Young said, “Failure is just a process of success, I hope you don’t give up.” In addition, Sunmi said, “I know that the mission is not easy because there is a language barrier. Thank you for persevering and persevering.” The participants were moved and shed tears by listening to the stories of their idols and masters.

On the other hand, the first survivor of ‘Girls Planet 999’ will be announced in the next week’s broadcast. As a result of Planet Guardian’s global voting, people are curious about who the girls will be who will continue to challenge their dreams by surviving.

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