‘Girls Planet 999’ K·C·J group, first mission as a team to overcome the language barrier

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While the long-awaited first ‘Connect Mission’ in ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ (in the future ‘Girls Planet 999’) has begun, a video foreshadowing the third episode has been released, raising expectations.

After the planet TOP9 was announced, including 1st place J group Hikaru Ezaki Hikaru, as well as 1st place J group Hikaru based on the masters’ evaluation of the planet search battle of Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Girls Planet 999’, which aired last week, for the first mission, a total of three people from K, C, and J groups were selected. A new cell (CELL) composed of people has been completed.

After receiving the mission, three cells gathered to form a team with a total of 9 members, and two of them competed in a team battle with representative songs of the same K-pop girl group. If you win the team match, the number of votes for the 24 hours before the global voting deadline will be doubled, and if you win the boy group song mission where three teams compete, you will receive a huge benefit that is counted and counted three times.

In the last two episodes, to win the show, the contestants, from the song selection to the search for the opposing team, have been fighting over the participants’ minds, raising tension.

The preview video for episode 3 shows the participants struggling to win the first mission, from the last practice process to the actual stage of the contest. In addition, the masters who evaluate the set after seeing the scene are exposed to sharp comments and excellent evaluations, which adds to the curiosity.

This ‘Connect Mission’ is a mission that K, C, and J groups are conducting as a team for the first time, and attention is focused on how they performed the task over the language barrier. However, at the end of the notice, when the K group participant Yoo Da-Yeon said, “Isn’t the teamwork a bit lacking?”, other participants showing signs of discomfort were caught, raising questions about whether the K, C, and J group girls would have completed the mission safely.

On the other hand, following the previously released notice for the 3rd episode, the pre-release video on the 19th also raises viewers’ expectations. As if proving the hot topic for ‘Girls Planet 999’, the video released yesterday afternoon surpassed 1 million views overnight.

In the video, which drew viewers’ attention, a taste of the stage of the two teams, which performed in line with TWICE’s ‘YES or YES,’ was revealed. Team 1, who introduced themselves confidently, and Team 2, who introduced themselves with a chord filled with radiant energy, had a cute nerve battle before the start of the stage. From the set of Team 1, who opened their doors with enthusiasm with the lead of K-Group Heo Ji-won, and the performance of Team 2, who started the stage with K-Group Kim Do-ah’s facial expressions and team slogans, how will the performances of the two teams look like in today’s broadcast? It is expected to be able to check the full version stage and their practice process.

For the first time, there is a lot of anticipation as to which stage a team of participants from different cultures will accept the first mission and capture viewers’ hearts. Participants will show hidden talents and charms in the process. Broadcast on the 20th at 8:20 PM.

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