140 pieces of Hallyu fan content from around the world to be presented in Belgium

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The Belgian Korean Cultural Center will open the exhibition on the 17th.

This exhibition will showcase one hundred forty winners of the global Hallyu content contest hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Overseas Culture and Promotion Agency.

The works introduced this time are contents sent by Hallyu fans worldwide with nine detailed themes in 3 categories.

△Audition (K-pop music video-video) △Hanbok pictorial (video) △Modern Korean traditional music (video) △Challenge (Korean talent show-short video/ Korean traditional culture-illustration/ Korean moment photo-photo) △Special (Korean media art- Media art video) △ Hae Moon-hong character emoticon (illustration) △ Masked singer (short video), etc.

These contents are posted along with the names of the participants who created the works through four monitors installed in the exhibition room of the Korean Cultural Center.

In particular, creative content based on Korean cultures, such as songs made by K-pop fans, music videos full of gorgeous visuals, and hanbok tailored by themselves, is attracting attention.

In addition, works directed Kim So-wol’s poem ‘Azalea Flower’ in stylish calligraphy and introduced great Korean people such as King Sejong and Yi Sun-sin and Hangeul and Korean food in beautiful images, show their interest in Korean culture and the like. show affection

In addition to the exhibition, the Belgian Cultural Center also holds an event where locals participate in the exhibition. Souvenirs such as the Hae Mun-Hong 50th anniversary mug and K-Influencer strap will be given out by lottery among those who post a certified selfie on their social network and tag the exhibition. The exhibition runs until March 31.

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