Hanteo Global, K-Pop’s First ‘K-Pop Glossary’ Published ‘Help immerse the global fandom through language.’

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Hanteo Global Co., Ltd. introduces ‘K-pop Deep-dive Dictionary’ for the global K-pop fandom.

‘K-Pop Deep Dive Dictionary’ is a dictionary of K-pop terms that global K-pop fans must learn while performing fan activities.

The first topic introduced through ‘K-Pop Deep Dive Dictionary’ was ‘Starting to ‘Stan.’ Expressions can be used when entering K-pop, such as ‘Ganjap,’ ‘Ipdeok,’ ‘Ipdeok point,’ ‘Ipdeok irregularity,’ and ‘Ideokdeok’ were introduced. The kind explanation, which includes definitions of each expression, pronunciation, and usage examples, not only enhances the understanding of global fans but also provides an opportunity for global fans, who have felt distant from K-pop due to the barrier of terms that are differentiated from everyday language, to enter K-pop quickly. It is expected that there will be

The series introduced this time is in the form of publishing content by analyzing previously collected unstructured data. It is expected to be expanded to a forum where the fandom directly participates on the website. Hanteo Global’s only service combines text mining-based artificial intelligence technology and is the first K-pop dictionary to be introduced.

In addition, the series will be translated and published in English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages ​​around the world. In addition, it is planned to be introduced with different contents along with the expansion of the language pack.

Hanteo Global said, “The goal of this dictionary is to make it easier for all fans around the world to experience and enjoy K-pop culture more quickly and deeply. Said.

Hanteo Global, the operator of Hanteo Chart and Whosfan, is a big data company that aggregates and analyzes the most critical K-pop-related data in the world. We have completed the development of technology to collect the structured data we have and the unstructured data that can be obtained through SNS or portals, and help K-pop artists establish global strategic plans through various algorithms and engines and grow based on this. contributing to

Meanwhile, ‘K-Pop Deep Dive Dictionary’ is published regularly every week through Hanteo News.

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