Artificial intelligence virtual K-POP girl group ‘IITERNITI’ holds its first concert!

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Pulse Nine (CEO Park Ji-eun), an artificial intelligence virtual human specialist company, announced on the 18th that it would hold the first solo concert (IITERNITI BEGINS: The First Journey) of Korea’s first K-POP virtual girl group ‘IITERNITI.’

IITERNITI is the world’s first virtual human girl group created by Pulse Nine, an AI graphics company with its proprietary artificial intelligence technology, Deep Real AI. After debuting with ‘I’m Real’ in March 2021, it attracted attention from the media and overseas K-POP fans with only four single albums, and the music video for ‘DTDTGMGN,’ released last year, received 6.5 million views on YouTube. It proved its global popularity by surpassing. The British public broadcaster BBC introduced her as one of the ‘100 Women of the Year 2022’ and highlighted her as a new Korean wave leader.

IITERNITI’s first solo concert will be held four times on October 14th and 15th at Hyper Hall, the central space of Ibex Studio, located in Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do. Concert ticket reservations can be made at Interpark Ticket.

In this concert, Eternity will perform popular songs such as ‘I’m Real,’ ‘No Filter,’ ‘Paradise,’ and ‘DTDTGMGN’ on stage, and it is scheduled to be released on October 16th.

The first full-length album set will also be revealed for the first time. The first full-length album contains a total of 12 songs, including the title song ‘Luv or Dare,’ and one of the songs included the late Kim Kwang-seok’s ‘Because of Love,’ which ‘genius composer’ composer Kim Hyeong-seok remade for IITERNITI, will also be performed at this performance. It is presented in

In particular, it plans to show an imaginative side without limits by taking advantage of the characteristics of virtual performances, such as the virtual human collaboration stage, which will be presented for the first time in Korea. IITERNITI member Dain sings his solo song No Filter with Arirang TV’s virtual human ‘Ari’ and AI composer and AI singer-songwriter Amy Moon,’ and Eternity’s younger brother Ban Ja-min performs on stage. He is also prepared.

Pulse Nine implemented IITERNITI’s concert with sophisticated music and colorful, immersive media art, allowing audiences to quickly understand and be interested in the metaverse worldview that crosses reality and virtuality of the virtual human K-pop girl group ‘Eternity.’ The plan is to make it possible to feel.

To this end, the concert will be held at IBEX Studio Hyper Hall, equipped with the largest high-resolution (16K) LED and 3D immersive sound system in Korea (about 1,350 inches). Here, you can go beyond the 2D technology base implementing the existing Eternity, and meet the new Eternity with 3D motion capture and AI singing voice.

Pulse Nine CEO Park Ji-eun said, “This concert is a significant opportunity to meet the complete group of Eternity as it is the first time as a virtual idol to meet fans in person.” He added, “Media art that crosses the real and virtual and the light (Beam). “With the production, audiences will be able to have a new experience they have never experienced before in an immersive space.”

He continued, “We expect this to be a special experience where the new and brilliant combination of media artists and virtual humans will create new stories, and audiences will go on an imaginary journey to create their own stories based on the inspiration they receive from the performance.”

Meanwhile, this concert was planned for the Korea Creative Content Agency’s ‘2023 Hybrid Music Video Production Support Project’.

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