Good People, Donation Challenge with Idol Group Verivery

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The international relief and development NGO Good People (Chairman Cheon-Su Kim) announced on the 19th that they would be conducting ‘Idol Challenge: Another Class,’ a kind donation challenge program that helps the vulnerable at home and abroad with the idol group Verivery. VERY VERY is a 7-member male idol group that debuted in 2019 and gained popularity at home and overseas. And is emerging as a next-generation K-pop player.

The title song ‘of the second single album, ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]’ was released in March 2021, following the top spot on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart with the title song ‘GBTB’ of the 5th mini album in 2020. ‘Get Away’ also topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

‘Idol Challenge: Another Class’ is a kind donation challenge jointly planned by Good People and SBS Medianet. When a K-POP idol challenges a donation mission and succeeds, it collects donations in the name of the idol and the donor who participated and used it to help the vulnerable at home and abroad. used to help

To succeed in the donation challenge in ‘Idol Challenge: Another Class,’ Verivery actively took on all missions with energy and excitement from the beginning to the end. In addition, each member wrote a message of support in their handwriting by signing the ‘Good People Pledge’ to help the vulnerable at home and abroad.

Dungeon, the leader of Verivery, said, “I want to become a person who can look around once more.

Good People plans to use the donations collected through this donation challenge for the ‘Love Hope Box.’ The Hope Box of Love, launched in 2012, is a campaign to support the underprivileged at home and abroad with food and various items in the Hope Box. Last year, about 22,000 Hope Boxes were delivered to 12 domestic and overseas business sites to help the vulnerable affected by the prolonged COVID-19.

You can participate in the donation challenge with VERIVERY through the official website of Good People. Regular sponsorship participants will be presented with a donation certificate engraved with the names of Verivery members and donors, limited-edition photo cards, and embroidered bracelets. A special event will also be held in which an album CD with Verivery’s autograph, a T-shirt, and an eco bag will be presented through a lottery.

‘Idol Challenge: Another Class’ with VERIVERY and Good People will start with the trailer released on the YouTube channel The K-POP at 6 pm on the 19th (Mon), and will be broadcast one at 6 pm on the 23rd and 30th. Part 2 is aired.

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