‘National Granddaughter Girl Group’ Pastel Girls, fusion K-pop ‘Hyo-daughter Simcheong’ released on the 27th Appeared in Kim Bong-gon’s Medal of Merit MV.

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Pastel Girls, a ‘national granddaughter girl group,’ will start a new activity with a new song, ‘Hyo-also Shim-Cheong.

Pastel Girls, who received all hearts with the team mission song ‘Guests are coming’ in ‘Miss Trot 2’ and recorded 7.7 million views on YouTube, will release a new song, ‘Filty Simcheong’ on the music platform at noon on the 27th.

Pastel Girls (Soomin, Heebin, Soi, Down, Dohyun) is a fresh and lively 5-member middle and high school girl group loved by people of all ages, regardless of genres, such as trot as well as K-pop, Korean traditional music, and nursery rhymes.

The new song ‘Hyo-need Shim-Cheong is a song that reveals the charm of pansori, which is Kim Da-Hyun, the beauty of ‘Miss Trot 2’ and Kim Do-Hyun, who was active as a traditional music sister in Cheonghak-dong, learned from a young age. By harmoniously combining a part of the pansori ‘Simcheongga’ and K-pop, the EDM sound with a modern sense adds to the excitement.

It is expected to lead the response as a fusion K-pop song with a new concept that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders without hesitation and can feel the charm of Pastel Girls. As the number of members, each of the five Simcheongs tries to open their father’s eyes, but they open their eyes with modern medicine and feel the filial piety that they hope to live happily with their father for a long, long time.

The music video released along with the sound source also draws attention. It is said that member Do-Hyeon’s father, Order of Merit Kim Bong-gon from Cheonghak-dong, appeared as Shim Bong-gon and showed off everyone’s surprising acting skills and energized the music video shoot.

Pastel Girls will have their first stage of ‘Hyonyeo Shimcheong’ at the Ulsan Environmental Concert Untact performance on the 27th, the day of the release of the sound source. On this day, singer Dahyun Kim, Dohyun’s younger brother, old girl group episodes (Yeji, Sua, Reum, Yena), singers’ minds and bodies, and Ryu Jikwang will appear.

The agency Pops Entertainment (CEO Park Gwang-won) said, “‘Hyo-need Shim-Cheong,’ which will be the debut song on a music show, is a song designed to match the image of the Pastel Girls members who are always bright and cheerful and respect adults. We will continue our activities vigorously in the second half of the year.”

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