Majors, ‘Loyal Dance’ to present impressive mu-bang stage ‘Emotional and lingering emotions through salute performance.’

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Girl group MAJORS tore up the music bank with the stage of ‘Salute’.

In Music Bank broadcast on the 15th, the Majors performed intense group dances on a magnificent golden stage in chic striped black tone military uniform style outfits.

Majors are a rookie group attracting attention from overseas K-pop fans, such as taking first place in the Best Rookie Female Idol category at the ‘2021 KCrush K-POP Music Awards’ hosted by KCrush America Magazine, published in the United States. He captivated the viewers with his incredible stage.

Majors, which are attracting attention abroad after the release of the soundtrack of ‘Salute’, received a lot of love and interest from global fans not only in North America and South America but also in European countries, and entered the iTunes TOP K-POP Sings Chart, especially the UK iTunes It was ranked #6 in the Top K-Pop Songs Charts, #9 in the French iTunes Top K-Pop Songs Charts, and #22 in the US iTunes TOP K-Pop Songs Charts.

On the other hand, MAJORS is expected to appear in SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 17th and the 18th of Arirang TV’s Simple K-Pop Contour ‘Chile’ episode. During this comeback activity, they represent the next generation of K-pop girl groups around the world. As a runner, he is the subject of attention.

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