Choi Yena was selected as a new artist for the K-pop fandub app Blip.’

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“An artist who sets an amazing record after debuting as a solo artist”

Singer Yena Choi (YENA) has been selected as a new artist for ‘Blip,’ a ‘schedule reminder for K-pop fandom.’

On the 30th, ‘Blip’ said, “Choi Ye-Na’s official Instagram has exceeded 1.61 million followers, and her official Twitter has also surpassed 200,000 followers. He is an artist who is on the go,” and explained the reason for choosing Choi Yena’s ‘Blip’ artist. In addition, K-Pop Radar said, “The music video for Choi Ye-Na’s solo.

debut song ‘SMILEY’ surpassed 10 million views in about four days.”

Since her debut, she has been performing all-around activities, revealing her presence in various entertainment programs and singer activities.

. It is now possible to conveniently view various data, survey results, etc. In addition, it is expected that Choi Ye-Na’s fandom will be able to enjoy more enjoyable fandom activities through topics, galleries, etc.

Currently, ‘Blip’ includes Choi Ye-Na, Black Pink, Ive, and Choi Ye-Na. We provide a service that informs you about schedules and news of 66 K-pop artists, including NCT and Seventeen.

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