‘Vote for my one pick’ After school excitement’ cheering contest is also hot

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Fans’ cheering match adds to the fun of watching MBC’s ‘After School Thrill.’

Fans of ‘After School Excitement,’ which airs simultaneously on MBC and Naver NOW. at 9 pm every Sunday, are generating and distributing various slogans to support the debut of the trainees they support, causing a hot response from K-pop fans.

To debut their picks, fans of ‘After School Excitement’ create and distribute slogans featuring the trainees’ characteristics at the audition site. Among them, the fans of 3rd-grade trainee Kim Soo-hye, 4th-grade trainee Ha-ri Kim, and Chae-won Yoon, respectively, made slogans with motifs of ‘rabbit’ and ‘bear,’ adding to their cuteness, as well as adding ‘our excitement starts now,’ ‘Hariya’ It also includes phrases such as ‘Let’s only walk on the flower path,’ expressing keen interest in the trainees.

As the competition among fandoms of ‘After School Excitement’ trainees intensify, some fans produce images to debut their favorites and use offline to inform more K-pop fans of the trainees, adding to the fun of watching them.

Previously, ‘After School Excitement’ recorded 200,000 online votes per day, 2 million cumulative online votes after four broadcasts, 186,704 votes during the 6th broadcast, and the turnout increased by about 50% as of the 4th. It also set records such as exceeding 100:1 competition, collecting topics on various social media and communities.

In addition, ‘After School Excitement’ has proved its interest in trainees and programs by running at the top of the topic in non-drama TV topics before its first broadcast and enjoying great popularity on Naver NOW.

In the online voting for ‘After School Excitement,’ which supports the debut of trainees in these various ways, you can vote for a total of 7 people, regardless of grade, once per day on the Naver Content Home and Real Live app.

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