IU ranked 37 times on the chart for 49 weeks on the Circle Chart. 4th place with a 2.4% chart share

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IU’s report card for 49 weeks on the Circle Chart includes seven global K-pop charts, ten digital charts, 11 streaming charts, one download chart, 1 BGM chart, three karaoke charts, two ringtone charts, and calls. It was on the chart a total of 37 times, including two songs on the Connected Sound Chart. The average ranking is 114th.

IU’s chart share is 2.4%, ranking 4th out of 399 artists (teams) who entered the chart.

On the global K-pop chart, ‘Strawberry Moon’ ranked 116th, ‘Celebrity’ ranked 120th, ‘Lilac’ ranked 132nd, ‘Eight’ ranked 138th, ‘Blueming’ ranked 148th, ‘Hold My Hand’ ranked 189th, and ‘Drama’ ranked 196th.’ and entered the chart seven times.

Then, on the digital chart, ‘Drama’ ranked 62nd, ‘Strawberry Moon’ ranked 69th, ‘Hold My Hand’ ranked 77th, ‘Celebrity’ ranked 107th, ‘Merry Christmas in Advance’ ranked 112th, ‘Night Letter’ ranked 119th, and ‘Hold My Hand’ ranked 139th. Ten songs, including ‘Lilac,’ ‘Blueming’ at 147th, ‘Eight’ at 176th, and ‘Winter Sleep’ at 197th.

She also appeared on the streaming charts with ‘Drama’ at number 60, ‘Strawberry Moon’ at number 66, ‘Hold My Hand’ at number 72, ‘Celebrity’ at number 101, and ‘Strawberry Moon’ at number 109.

Then, one song, ‘Merry Christmas in advance, ranked 154th on the download chart.

Continuing to rank 154 on the BGM chart, one song, ‘Drama,’ was placed on the chart.

And three songs on the karaoke chart: ‘Good Day’ at No. 77, ‘Hold My Hand’ at No. 128, and ‘My Child and My Sea’ at No. 174.

Then, on the ringtone chart, ‘Merry Christmas in advance’ ranked 19th and ‘Drama’ ranked 68th, and two other songs on the chart.

They continued to put two songs on the chart, including ‘Merry Christmas in advance’ at 15th and ‘Drama’ at 84th on the ringback tone chart.

Looking at the number of chart entries by song, ‘Drama’ 6 times, ‘Merry Christmas in advance’ 5 times, ‘Hold My Hand’ 4 times, ‘Strawberry Moon’ 3 times, ‘Celebrity’ 3 times, ‘Lilac’ 3 times, ‘Eight” 3 times, ‘Blueming’ 3 times, ‘Night Letter’ 2 times, ‘Winter Sleep’ 2 times, ‘Love poem’ 1 time, ‘Good Day’ 1 time, ‘My Child and the Sea’ 1 time, etc.

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