‘Saemangeum K-Pop Festival’ Korea Festival Content Grand Prize

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Saemangeum Development Authority’s ‘Saemangeum K-pop Festival’ won the 2022 10th Korea Festival Contents Grand Prize in the festival content category.

According to the Development Administration on the 22nd, a jury of citizen experts in the fields of culture, art, festival tourism, and industry under the supervision of the Korea Festival Contents Association comprehensively evaluated festival planning, public satisfaction, and development potential, and selected excellent festivals for each category.

The K-Pop Festival debuted in October last year as a camping-type music festival that combines the existing nomad (camping type) and K-pop (K-pop) and attracted attention with its differentiated programs such as the beautiful natural scenery and entertainment Saemangeum Bay.

In particular, the festival was successfully held in an on-tact (image) format that can be enjoyed realistically even in a non-face-to-face situation to prevent the spread of Corona 19 and exceeded 210,000 in real-time and 4 million cumulative views.

Yoo Ji-won, head of the Culture and Tourism Contents TF, said, “I am delighted to be recognized for the excellence and development potential of the Saemangeum K-Pop Festival through this award. I will try to make it happen.”

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