Crew WeIP (WIP) debuts today (27th). Expected to change the K-pop market

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The debut stage of the dance crew WIP will be revealed.

WeIP will meet with global K-pop fans for the first time on the 27th through the music broadcast ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click,’ which will be broadcast live on the K-pop content platform K-Pop Click on the 27th.

WeIP (Yoon Sang-Hyun, Park Soo-min, Jung Jong-ho, Yoo Jae-won, Lee Seong-eon, Lim So-Yul, Lee Gi-bum, Yeom Da-Hye, Kim Do-Yeon, Lim Young-jin, Kim So-Yeon, Heo Yu-jin) is the exclusive dance crew of the World K-Pop Center, a K-pop complex culture company. It consists of talented dancers and choreographers who worked with top K-pop idols such as Big Bang, BTS, Red Velvet, and Monsta X.

Formed by elite members of ‘World K-Pop Dance Squad,’ which aims to develop dance performances, choreography, and professional K-pop trainers, WiiP not only performs K-pop choreography but also digests various genres of choreography. He is active in the K-POP scene, such as conducting training.

Previously, WeIP received a warm response by releasing the teaser for the performance trailer ‘Paper House: Common Economic Zone’ under WKDC (World K-Pop Dance Squad) through official SNS and K-Pop Click.

With the concept of the Netflix original series ‘Paper House: Common Economic Zone’, which was released globally on the 24th, the choreography of each member was presented and made a strong impression.

Starting with ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click,’ WeIP is planning to meet K-POP fans through various activities such as appearing on music shows, performance videos, solo performances, album releases, and entry into the global market. Expectations are high for these people who will cause a perceptual change in the K-POP market through their global advancement with outstanding skills, teamwork, and fresh performances.

WeIP is an artist and K-pop trainer who presents a new style of K-pop performance. The World K-Pop Center has the vision to contribute to the further expansion of the K-POP market by dispatching K-POP trainers to global markets worldwide.

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