‘Swoopa’ K-Pop Four Heavenly Kings Mission Pre-release Re-examined ‘Why didn’t I know in July?’

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While Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Street Woman Fighter (Swoopa)’ is conducting the K-Pop Four Great Kings mission to hide the first eliminated crew, the pre-released video in July is being re-emerged.

On July 12, Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ pre-released the global evaluation video of Want, YGX, Holly Bang, Hook, Proudman, Coca N Butter, Lachika, and Wavy through the official channel.

‘Swoopa’ announced that it would give a global evaluation score based on the sum of the number of likes x 100 and the number of views from 11:30 am on July 12 to 11:59 pm on July 15.

Want and YGX competed with BoA’s song. Jessie sang Holly Bang and La Chica, Coca N Butter and Hook were Hyuna, and Proudman and Weibe were CL’s songs.

Rank Mission MVP Crew Proudman chose this matchup. In the episode of ‘Swoopa’ that was aired on the 7th, Monica provoked Wavy’s anger by saying, “I chose to teach you another number.”

Netizens responded, “Why didn’t I know about ‘Swoopa’ in July, I should have voted in advance at this time,” “Can’t we get rid of the dropout system?” “I think they even filmed the announcement of the dropouts.”

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