Snowdon, K-Pop X Pixel Art Collaborator NFT Published in Early August

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SnowDAQ, an NFT marketplace specializing in K-culture, publishes artwork by Jae-beom Joo, a domestic pixel art authority, in the form of NFT.

On the morning of the 2nd, a representative of Snowdon said, “Artwork of artist Ju Jae-beom, who is actively working as an authority in the domestic pixel art world, will be published on our website in early August.

This pixel art, which collaborated with Korea’s top K-pop artists, will bring analog nostalgia to many people in everyday life.” He added, “Who is the top K-pop artist in Korea will be revealed on the Snowdak website soon, and a portion of the proceeds from the NFT release will be donated to a charity, preparing to have a positive impact on society.”

Pixel art is creating works of art by taking pixels, the minor units of the digital screen that make up an image, out of the screen. Writer Jae-beom Joo has produced many music videos, CF animations, collaborations with broadcasters, etc., of famous domestic singers and hip-hop musicians belonging to SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and is called ‘a pixel artist who communicates with the world through the square dots’.

Ahead of this NFT issuance, Snowdon said, “It is an honor to be able to release the artwork of artist Jae-beom Joo, who visualizes the sound source of a K-pop artist by reinterpreting the virtual and real worlds with the small dots in the computer ‘pixels’ through NFT. I am looking forward to being able to show the world a new creation that no one has ever tried.” Artist Joo also expressed his feelings about the publication of the artwork NFT, saying, “It was a meaningful work to be able to add power to the music of my favorite artist with pixel art.”

On the other hand, Snowdoc collaborates with K-pop artists and 2D and 3D artists to release sound sources in the form of NFTs, conducts contact performances suitable for the Corona era in the metaverse virtual reality world, or allows artists to wear VR machines. They are forming a new fandom culture, such as providing a place to meet directly with fans.

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