‘Falling in love around the world’ BTS Jimin, praising the perfect dance of ‘PTD.’

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BTS Jimin has fallen in love all over the world.

BTS released the single CD ‘Butter’ containing ‘Butter’ and the new song ‘Permission to Dance’ on the 9th and released the music video for ‘Permission to Dance.’

The music video became a hot topic with over 100 million views within two days of its release, and in particular, foreign media praises Jimin for it, attracting attention.

Larazon Mexico said, “On the occasion of the fan club’s founding day, BTS released a new single filled with a positive atmosphere. Above all, Jimin fell in love with the world. Jimin enjoying the rhythm in the iconic black cowboy costume is the most He seems to enjoy dancing. Jimin’s lovely dance that captivates the ARMY (BTS fan club) perfectly captures the sincerity that BTS wants to convey to the world.”

All K-Pop in the United States said, “Jimin impressed netizens with his beautiful dance. From any angle, Jimin’s beautiful dance moves stood out and surprised the fans.”

BTS’s ‘Permission to Dance’ is continuing its global popularity, ranking first on the iTunes Top Song Charts in 92 countries and regions simultaneously as the release, and on the Japan Oricon’s latest chart on the 9th of the Daily Digital Single Ranking.

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