Kiss of Life, K-pop fanatic secretary ‘Blip’ selected as a new artist

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KISS OF LIFE has been selected as a new artist for the mobile app ‘blip’ of ‘K-Pop fanboy secretary.’

‘Blip,’ which provides artists’ schedules, various information, and data, and is receiving enthusiastic responses from the global fandom, opened an official service related to Kiss of Life on August 21st.

Kiss of Life is a rookie who has been attracting attention from the global fandom since their debut in July and was proudly selected as a new artist of Blip as many fans requested to open the service.

Global fans captivated by Kiss of Life’s outstanding skills and attractive performances, thanks to the blip service that opened quickly after their debut, can see not only Kiss of Life’s schedule in the future but also Twitter, community, chart news, and various data at once.

Kiss of Life has recently surpassed 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, and is emerging as a next-generation K-pop runner. As Kiss of Life is recording steady growth through word of mouth from fans at home and abroad, the opening of the Blip service is also attracting more attention.

On the other hand, Blip, the ‘Idol Schedule No. 1 app’ that makes it easy for K-pop fans to admire with the slogan ‘LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE MORE,’ not only provides information on artists’ schedules, including unofficial schedules such as birthday cafes, It is a must-have app that even sends notifications. In addition, it released a diary ‘fan log’ function that can link schedules, drawing attention. The fan log also adds a schedule-linked function to conveniently leave a diary, allowing K-pop fans to enjoy more prosperous fandom activities.

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