‘Dance Dance Danseur’ OP is YUKI, ED is Hitorie!

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The theme song artist for the TV anime “Dance Dance Danseur”, scheduled to be broadcast in April 2022, has been announced.

“Dance Dance Danseur” by the famous manga artist George Asakura is serialized in Shogakukan’s “Weekly Big Comic Spirits”.

A beautiful and harsh world of classical ballet where only those who sacrifice everything can stand. Junpei Murao, a second-year junior high school student fascinated by ballet, aims to be a dancer qualified to dance the prince-the world’s best Danseur noble!

And this time, the theme song information of the TV anime “Dance Dance Danseur” has arrived! The OP was decided to be YUKI “as long as it rings”, and the ED was agreed to be Hitorie “wind, flower”.

Comments have also arrived from each artist, so please check them out as well.

George Asakura also loves watching ballet, so I’m pleased to be involved in “Dance Dance Danseur”. And I’m excited to think that the dynamic feeling depicted in the manga is expressed by animation.

To be alive is to keep dancing. It’s not just about the body. Don’t be afraid like Junpei-Kun, and I want to always dance in my head and in my heart to see the scenery I want to see and jump higher. I put that determination and determination into “as long as it rings”.

Let’s dance this world together as long as the sound of premonition echoes in our hearts, with the excitement and the feeling of being absorbed in something we love

What did you think of the anime theme song for Dance Dance Danseur?

It’s cheap in words, but I thought it was a miracle. While wondering, “Is our song used for the ending of such a great work?” I reread the original from the beginning and sighed that it was a great manga.

Please tell us about the highlights of this song.

At the recording time, all the members were pulled by the word “dance”, and the rhythm approach became more and more like an old disco. This is the only way to reach a tremendous sense of dynamism. ” Enjoy the fantastic combination of drums and bass.

Please send a message to those looking forward to your work.

My name is Hitorie, and I am in charge of the ending song for Dance Dance Danseur. I am looking forward to broadcasting this anime with the same heat that everyone is looking forward to. We hope that this song, which has been carefully finished not to stain your ears, will be added to your lingering sound.

Stay tuned for future information on the TV anime “Dance Dance Danseur,” whose data is lifted one after another!

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