‘Golden Kamuy’ Sanrio collaboration is too interesting!

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“Golden Kamuy” Sanrio collaboration is too interesting!

A collaboration between the popular anime “Golden Kamuy,” which was also decided to be produced in the 4th period, and Sanrio Characters was selected. A collaboration visual that invites cute and laughing has been released for each of the ten characters.

The TV anime “Golden Kamui” is based on the blockbuster manga by Satoru Noda, serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” (Shueisha). It is a popular anime made into a TV animation in 2018 and is being broadcast until the third period. The production of the 4th period has also been decided.

With the action and suspense of the buried treasure as the axis, the finest entertainment that explodes the various charms that stimulate the five senses such as hunting, gourmet, and history will grab the viewers’ hearts!

Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty collaborate with various works and groups. For example, KISS, a rock band that seems to have the opposite taste to the cuteness of Sanrio characters, has a wide range of targets.

However, the collaboration with “Golden Kamuy,” which has a gag scene and a heartwarming gourmet depiction, and a brutal violence depiction, can not hide the surprise.

The design that the scars characteristic of Sugimoto and Ogata are reproduced in cinnamon, and Hello Kitty is shocking! On the other hand, the appearance of Ogata, who is probably silently making Chita taps with cat ears, makes me laugh. It’s even more interesting if you’re chanting “Chita-ta-ta-ta-tapu” in a whisper.

The combination of characters is often considered, such as Colonel Tsurumi, who leads the unit for Badtz-Maru, who longs for the president, and Kuromi, an older man who is too astringent for excellent men.

Goods planning using collaboration visuals is also underway. The follow-up report will be announced at the new information ban stage of the TV animation “Golden Kamuy” from 13:00 on March 27, 2022 (Sun) AnimeJapan 2022.

The stage will be held at the AnimeJapan 2022 NBC Universal Entertainment booth.

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