‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ BD ranked in with an unusual blockbuster and ranked first in anime video works.

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“Uma Box 2 “1st Corner (Anime” Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 “Trainers Box)” released 175,000 copies in the “Oricon First Half Video Ranking 2021” Blu-ray Ranking announced on the 29th. Won 3rd place in sales.

This work contains episodes 1 to 4 of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2,” broadcast from January to March. Most of the work has been available on YouTube and video subscription services in recent years, as it has been distributed on Amazon Prime and terrestrial broadcasting. Therefore, while it is said that anime video works will be a hit if they sell tens of thousands of copies, they have launched unique hits that surpass popular works such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “Jujutsu Kaisen” and are the most non-artist video works—recorded high sales.

The reason is the inclusion privilege. In addition to application tickets of noteworthy events of the anime voice cast, Siri can be exchanged for items used in the game “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” ArcoAlso included. The privilege directly linked to the smartphone / PC game “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” which exceeded 8 million downloads in just three and a half months, caused an unusual hit.

The game is a training simulation game that turns real racehorses such as Silence Suzuka and Gold Ship into beautiful girls. Aim to win the race called “Twinkle Series” by training “Uma Musume,” an anthropomorphic racehorse character. Many celebrities such as baseball player Masahiro Tanaka and talent Shoko Nakagawa are playing and posting play images on Twitter, etc. is also a hot topic.

In addition, the spin-off manga “Uma Musume Cinderella Gray” featuring Uma Musume Oguri Cap, which is serialized in Weekly Young Jump, has exceeded 1 million copies in total. As a media mix content, it has become a widely popular work such as anime, games, and manga.

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