Sazae-san collaboration special x HKT Yabuki, Chocopla, JUMP Inoo

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“Do you know Sazae-san? ~National Nationwide Sea Mystery Survey!~” (TV West Japan/Fuji Television) will be broadcast from 4:05 pm on the 11th. From the daily life of the Sazae-san family, we will unravel the “unknown questions about the sea,” and the entertainers will go to the location and investigate and dig deep into the three themes of “new, children, and problems” about the sea.

Along with the Sazae-san family, Nako Yabuki (HKT48), Chocolate Planet, and Satoshi Inoo (Hey! Say! JUMP) will appear. A quiz will also be given.

First, Yabuki visits Shiretoko in Hokkaido to discover the “new” of the sea. Japan is one of the world’s leading fishing powerhouses, but the labor shortage is becoming more severe due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation. Meanwhile, it is said that there are people in various places who are promoting the charm of fishermen in unique ways.

I met a 26-year-old famous young fisherman who has 220,000 followers and has spread the charm of fishing on TikTok. He runs a fish processing company and sometimes works as a model! ? To explore the actual situation of fishermen in such a new era, Yabuki, who is closely related to his work, said, “I went fishing early in the morning and was able to understand the hardships of fishermen. I felt it again,” he said. She seemed nervous about her first post-recording in an anime, but she was even more excited, saying, “I think it will be the first and last time that Sazae-san will ask, ‘Are you Yabuki Nako-chan?’ It was a good face. For Chocopla, head to Okanami Island, an uninhabited island in Okinawa that is famous for having fossils of whales from hundreds of years ago. Then, children such as a fish doctor, a harpoon boy, and a giant fishing girl were waiting there.

Two people who are surprised at the unique skills of Super Kids. Regarding the anime, “I’m not sure if it’s us because IKKO-san and Izumi Motoya-san are impersonators,” said Shohei Nagata, “I want you to see the shape of my nose. It’s going to be like this.” (Shun Matsuo), laughing.

About the problem of marine debris, Inoo, who loves the sea enough to obtain a second-class small boat operator’s license, takes a ferry from Wakayama’s Kada Port to an uninhabited island, also known as the “Island of Laputa.”

The island is popular with tourists, but when I went to the beach, I found a lot of garbage scattered. So Inoo sometimes dives into the sea to pick up trash and investigate it with a local group that does his research.

“It was my first time diving on location in three or four years. At first, I was nervous, but it felt good. I hope Masuo-san was surprised,” said Inoo happily.

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