Visual release of collaboration event by Oja Witch and ≠ ME, casting revealed

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The main of “≠ ME ACT LIVE” is Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n! “, A collaboration between the anime “Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n!” And the idol group ≠ ME (Not Equal Me) was produced by Rino Sashihara. The visual has been released.

“≠ ME ACT LIVE” Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n! “To be performed in two parts. In the first part, ≠ ME members will appear in two teams, the colon team and the jewellery team, and the story of “Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n!” It will be held in the W cast, and a mini-concert will be held in the second part.

Along with the primary visual, the cast of Part 1 was also announced. In the colon team, Doremi Harukaze will be played by Nana Tomita, Onpu Segawa will be played by Hitomi Suzuki, Hana will be played by Tamaki Honda, Hazuki Fujiwara will be played by Momo Sakurai, Aiko Seno will be played by Shiori Nagata, and Momoko Asuka will be played by Kirari Ochiai. Play. In the jewellery team, Doremi is in charge of Moeko Kanizawa, Onpu is in charge of Saya Tanizaki, Hana is in charge of Hana Ogi, and Hazuki is in charge of Mirei Suganami, Aiko is in charge of Natsumi Kawanago, and Momoko Asuka is in order of Natsune Kawaguchi. In addition to Mikako Ishii appearing as the Queen, Yuka Isomura, Yui Oikawa, Walnut Okubo, Aoi Nanase, Sakura Minamizawa, and Sakura Mine will also appear. The performance schedule of each of the two teams has also been released.

“≠ ME ACT LIVE” Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n! “Will be performed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball from May 15th to 22nd. Keita Kawajiri will be the scriptwriter and general director, and Nishioka to Neil will be the director. The ticket price is 7800 yen, including tax, and available sales are scheduled to start on April 30th.

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