‘2021 Hanteo Music Awards Who’s Fandom Award’ BTS VS Treasure, Compete for

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BTS and Treasure were selected as candidates for the 2021 Hanteo Music Awards ‘Who’s Fandom Award’ final vote.

On the 31st of last month, Whosfan, a global K-pop fandom platform, announced voting for the Top 4 of the ‘Who’s Fandom Award’ of the 2021 Hanteo Music Awards and officially announced that BTS and Treasure have entered the final voting.

In the top 4 votings held from noon to 31st of last month, BTS and Seventeen, Treasure and Dreamcatcher met as candidates and held their respective votes. After a close battle, BTS received 53.04% of the votes, and TREASURE received 51.03% of the votes, and it was decided as the finalists.

BTS showed off their best fandom power as they were nominated for first place for two years in a row following last year. Treasure, who has emerged as a ‘super rookie,’ is also expected to compete for first place in the ‘Who’s Fandom Award’ by demonstrating the firepower of its solid global fandom. The final voting will be held from the 5th to the 6th.

Seventeen and Dreamcatcher, who could not advance to the final vote, started voting on the 3rd at noon to determine the top 3 of the ‘Who’s Fandom Award.’ The 2021 Hanteo Music Awards ‘Who’s Fandom Award’ is a category where up to 3rd place is awarded, and the candidate who wins this vote will receive the final award.

The ‘Who’s Fandom Award’ is the second award given after making its debut at the 30th Seoul Music Awards and is a ‘Fandom Special Award’ given to the fandom and artist with the highest firepower among K-pop fandoms around the world.

The ‘Whosfandom Award’ is an award where the winner is decided based on 100% of the votes conducted in the Whosfan application, and its meaning is even more special.

Whose fan is drawing attention by announcing that it will use domestic and foreign advertising accounts to celebrate the 2nd and 3rd place artists and fandoms, including the 1st place winner of the Whos Fandom Award? More details about the 2021 Hanteo Music Awards and the ‘Whos Fandom Award’ can be found through the Whosfan app and official SNS accounts.

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