BTS News: “Cast Jimin of BTS in ‘Prince Eric’” Requests followed one after another

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Requests continue to be made to cast Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid and Jimin of BTS, who has attracted attention for their high synchronicity, in a movie. It has been attracting attention again since 2019.

On the 22nd, Jimin posted a selfie with his Chuseok greetings to fans through BTS’ official Twitter. In this photo, Jimin is reminiscent of ‘Prince Eric’ of the Little anime Mermaid by wearing a white shirt with dark black soft wavy hair, flawless white skin, a sharp nose, a solid but masculine jawline, and thick, red lips.

This immediately hit Twitter with ‘Eric Jimin’ and ‘Prince Eric’ rising in the real-time Twitter trend. This caused Twitter to go down for a while.

In response to the news, Noelle Devoe, editor-in-chief of Elite Daily in the United States, famous for Jimin’s pain, posted on his Twitter account with the title, ‘Proposal to Disney.’ In this article, he wrote, ‘Because he did not cast Jimin for the role of Prince Eric in the live-action movie ‘The Little Mermaid,’ he wrote, ‘I hope he will participate in the OST of The Little Mermaid, “Part of Your World” with Halle Bailey. ‘I don’t need credit for this brilliant idea,’ he said. I wish I could get up,’ he added.

Earlier, Noel Devoy said that he wanted Jimin to be cast in the role of Prince Eric last year, and he said, ‘Actually, we have to cast Jimin in all the prince roles. Look at him. Aren’t you a living, breathing prince?”

Such enthusiasm led to subsequent reports by American entertainment media’ all k-pop’ and ‘koreaboo’ and Japanese Korean wave media’ KpopStarz.’ In particular, the Indian media’ Zoom TV’ expressed great interest, saying, “BTS Jimin is called ‘Prince Eric’ for his exquisite and breathtaking visuals.”

On the other hand, since the production of the live-action version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in 2019 was announced 2019, petitions to cast the role of ‘Prince Eric’ towards Jimin have been continuous.

At that time, more than 50 media outlets in 15 countries, including UK Metro, CNN, MTV, and Radio Disney, said, “BTS Jimin boasts a high synchronization rate with Prince Eric in the original animation, and petitions to cast him are flooding Disney. Yes, no person fits the role of Prince Eric as perfectly as Jimin.” In particular, Metro said, “Jimin’s hairstyle and appearance remind me of Prince Eric. He is the prince of K-pop.”

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