The heyday of girl groupsㅣWho is the main character of Post BTS?

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There was a strong perception that K-pop, which has led the global Hallyu since the 2010s, gained popularity by relying on so-called ‘hook songs.’ However, a ‘hook song,’ which means a song that repeats a chorus with a short and intense rhythm and melody, still demonstrates its power.

In the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency’s ‘2022 Global Hallyu Trend’ report, when asked about the popularity factor of K-pop, overseas Hallyu consumers picked ‘addictive chorus and rhythm’ (18.3%) as the first to show this. The same is true for the 2018-2021 survey results.

Following this, 14.8% of respondents picked ‘the attractive appearance and style of singers and groups. Various analyzes related to this response point to the recent performance of K-pop girl groups from another direction.

The recent phenomenon of girl groups building a more substantial female consumer base as their main fandom is also profoundly related. Circle Chart senior researcher Kim Jin-woo analyzed in a column on the website, “Among the 4th generation girl groups, there are many girl groups in which women with higher purchasing power than men have an advantage in the gender ratio of album purchases.”

The statistics showing that women accounted for 69.1% of the audience for the first stage of Blackpink’s world tour held at Case Po Dome, Olympic Park, Seoul last October (Interpark data) show the same trend.

Experts point to the ‘girl crush’ concept as the core. In particular, there is an analysis that this is the key that makes recent K-pop girl groups look distinctly different from previous teams.

In his column, Senior Research Fellow Kim said, “As the market has been reorganized around the global girl crush concept after Blackpink’s worldwide success from a sexy concept girl group focused on domestic sales until the mid-2010s, girl groups are also standing out in the physical album market.” said. Then, he expressed his thoughts, “It is necessary to interpret the meaning of girl crush as it is, ‘Girl Crush (girl + crush on), a woman’s envy or admiration for other women, or such a phenomenon.”

The recent global achievements of K-pop girl groups can also be explained as the power of content that meets the desires of the fandom. On the 23rd, an interesting analysis came out at the conference of K-Pop Radar, which was released on YouTube by unveiling the ‘K-Pop World Map.’

To select keywords for this year’s K-pop trend, pop music critic Kim Yun-ha came up with girl groups such as I’ve, (G)I-DLE, and Le Seraphim. First, through Ive’s ‘Eleven’ and ‘After Like,’ he emphasized the ‘narrative and story of “me falling in love with me and becoming one beyond the proud and independent self.” Then, pointing to (G) I-DLE’s latest song ‘Nude,’ she said, “Put me in the center and find the real me by being hated.”

, which was like a symbol of K-pop, recently suspended group activities and planned to enlist in the military, the so-called ‘Post-BTS era,’ soon ‘after BTS’ Interest in the situation grew. Some views are concerned about the future contraction of the global K-pop market.

However, there are more prospects that the activities of new stars centered on K-pop girl groups will further expand the stage.

Ji In-hae, an analyst at Shinhan Investment Research Center, said in the latest issue of the bimonthly ‘Hallyu Now’ published by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency, “Steady album sales, solid global audio/video trade surplus, YouTube subscribers by K-pop artist on the rise” “The global fandom, which is a representative indicator, is supported,” he said. Following”

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