King Sejong Institute LA’s ‘KCON LA 2023’ goes beyond music (K-POP) to language, technology, and culture.

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The King Sejong Institute Foundation (Chairman Lee Hae-young, from now on referred to as the foundation) and the American base King Sejong Institute (LA) will hold a conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center, USA, from August 18 (Fri) to August 20 (Sun). Introduces Korean language and cultural content through mobile apps and virtual reality devices at the ‘KCON LA 2023’ Korean and Korean Culture Experience Center held at the Arena and demonstrations of metaverse immersive content and games. Through the Metaverse, King Sejong Institute was promoted.

In addition, the experience hall operates a Hangeul writing event, Hanbok experience, and photo zone where participants can directly experience Hangeul so that interest in Korean language and culture can lead to demand for Korean language learning. Sejong Korean Language Assessment) mock tests were also provided.

Social network (SNS) events were also held to add fun, such as the meta bus King Sejong Institute OX quiz event and a certified shot at the King Sejong Institute PR Hall.

Ahn Hyeong-mi, director of King Sejong Institute, a base in the US, said, “The K-pop fans in the US who visited this K-Con felt the infinite charm of the Korean language and culture.

We will continue to work hard to further spread the Korean language and culture in the United States.”

Meanwhile, KCON has been held every year worldwide, including in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, since it first started in the United States in 2012. exceeded the number of

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