‘At Style’ Kingdom, ‘I want to lead a new change in K-Pop’ pictorial interview.

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The second mini-album ‘History of Kingdom: Part 2. Fantasy idol Kingdom, who made a comeback with ‘Chiwoo,’ conducted a photo shoot for the August issue of @star1. Kingdom presented a reversal of charm with a refreshing appearance that contrasts with the intense image it has shown.

Kingdom made a comeback on July 1 with the title song ‘Karma’ featuring a lyrical melody and a splendid stage. When asked how they felt when they received the title song, the members said, “I listened to a lot of songs to choose the title, but as soon as I heard ‘Karma,’ I thought it was this song. It was just a thought.”

With the concept of ‘seven kings from seven kingdoms,’ Kingdom is showing a stage that combines cultures worldwide and K-pop. When asked what kind of charm they want to show to the public who still feel unfamiliar with them, he replied, “In addition to the strong title song, there are many popular songs on our album.” showed courage.

Also, he said, “The barrier to entry may be high because we often showed unconventional concepts, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll like it.”

Kingdom’s pictorial, which wants to lead a new change in K-pop like a 4th generation idol, can be seen in the August issue of InStyle Magazine.

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