Comprehensive K-POP content platform K-Pop Click, four days premium subscription release

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K-Pop, a comprehensive K-POP content platform expanding its scope with K-POP performances, has a large K-pop concert hall located in Namsan and carries out all-around business such as content production and performance service creation. In the midst of this, it was announced on the 4th that it would start a paid subscription service five months after the platform opened.

An official from K-Pop Click said, “As a membership subscription benefit, premium K-POP content provided only to subscribers, an opportunity to apply for online and offline events using K-POP artist IP and the convenience of viewing K-POP content on the platform without advertisements do,” he said. The registration procedure can be found on the main page of the K-Pop Click platform.

In addition, as part of the membership registration event, K-Pop Click received a lot of attention from K-pop fans by conducting a lottery promotion to present offline tickets to the ”28th Dream Concert” to be held at Jamsil Main Stadium on June 18th.

K-Pop Click is an ”all-in-one” platform that can converge and satisfy K-pop fans’ ”all needs” online and offline. K-POP fans’fans’ interest in K-Pop Click is increasing as it is a new platform that solves the difficulties and annoyances of K-POP fans who had to ”dedicate” through distributed consumption on each platform.

The launch of the premium subscription service is interpreted as synergy with the various K-POP artist IPs owned by K-Pop Click and original K-POP content planned and produced by K-Pop Click.

K-Pop Click, which hosts and hosts’ hosts’ Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’Click’ every month, which DKZ and others appeared in May and gathered a lot of attention, has established a position by continuously providing performance content at home and abroad. It is meeting the needs of all fans at home and abroad for performances through the operation of offline concert halls and online streaming and VOD.

Meanwhile, K-Pop Click provides live broadcast and VOD content of the ”Dream Concert” to be held on the 18th as the first content after the subscription begins. In the second half of the year, various K-POP IP services such as web dramas and original entertainment are scheduled to be launched.

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