‘Dukjung’s virtue is K-pop’. K-pop map, taste business begins in earnest

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K-contents fandom platform startup K-Pop Map attracts free A investment and speeds up its business. According to New Paradigm Investment on the 17th, Kpopmap is a professional publisher startup that delivers digital content curating services and Hallyu news targeting foreign fans around the world.

It has successfully carried out exclusive sales of BTS photobooks and more than 100 global promotions, including the exclusive real-time streaming service of North and South America of The Fact Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards, the domestic K-pop awards ceremony.

K-entertainment news, such as K-pop and K-drama, is produced as new media content through the K-content fan platform Kpopmap, which was developed in-house, through English news media, professional editors, and all content, global fan participation, and voting. We are providing high-quality K-contents through global service.

The global MZ generation, who have a lot of interest and affection for Hallyu culture and are familiar with virtue culture, are the core subscribers of K-contents. Currently, it has a strong subscriber base across the globe, including the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe, and India.

Based on the editor lineup made up of professional journalists and content expertise, which are the strengths of K-Pop Map, it is increasing its competitiveness with a leading differentiated service in that it makes it more enjoyable to enjoy the global fandom virtue consumption culture.

Park Je-Hyeon, co-CEO of New Paradigm Investment, said, “The average monthly number of visitors to K-Pop Map has exceeded 3 million and page views to 10 million, and it has secured high user traffic from the global MZ generation. The global digital new media publisher market is expected to reach about 85 trillion in 2025. We are expected to take the lead,” he said.

Seo Il-ho, CEO of K-Pop Map, said, “In collaboration with entertainment and production companies, we will provide various price plans for each service, such as subscription service, fan publishing, star marketing, and content commerce, and gradually build a paid business model through step-by-step service expansion.”

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