Live Connect, the first solo concert in 4 years to be sent overseas online.

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LiveConnect completed overseas online transmission of group HIGHLIGHT in collaboration with LG U+ (CEO Hwang Hyun-Sik)’s K-pop exceptional service U + Idol Live.

On the 22nd, Highlight held ‘HIGHLIGHT LIVE 2022 [INTRO]’ and presented a unique stage for the long-awaited fans. This concert is Highlight’s solo concert held in 3 years and six months since ‘Highlight Live 2018 [OUTRO]’ held in 2018, and it has remained a meaningful memory for global lights (fan club names) who have been waiting for their performance.

Domestic online broadcasting was conducted exclusively through LG U+ U+Idol Live, and overseas online broadcasting was achieved through the LiveConnect platform.

Highlight, who opened the door to an exciting live with ‘HIGHLIGHT,’ ‘Can you feel it?’, and ‘Good Luck’ on this day, followed by live performances such as ‘Night Fog’ and ‘DAYDREAM,’ which were loved after their release two months ago. He showed the side of a singer and presented an immersive performance with excellent fan service and talk for fans worldwide.

Live Connect has been active in broadcasting many online performances of K-pop groups since the first weekend of May. Last week, group ASTRO and AB6IX’s comeback showcase and group (G)I-DLE’s universe fan party ‘SCHOOL FEST in. NEVERLAND (Schoolfest. in Neverland)’ was broadcast online, and other musicals <1976 Harlan County> and AOORA&FRIDAYYY’s DJ performances were successfully relayed online versions covering a variety of genres were held.

LiveConnect was established in 2020 and is attracting attention by successfully transmitting large-scale online performances such as Dream Concert and Hike Music Festival and many significant K-pop idol performances. It is growing as a platform that satisfies artists and fans at the same time by technically realizing various advantages of online versions, such as a multi-view function for multi-view appreciation, multi-language real-time subtitles for each language, and chat service with artists.

On the other hand, LiveConnect is transmitting ‘LiveConnect original contents’ planned by itself through its platform ‘LAKUS’ and ‘Flumestore,’ a shopping mall for selling albums and MDs of other K-POP groups. ‘ is about to open officially.

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