Singer KISU, the world’s attention is pouring into the new song ‘Wave of You’

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The global reaction to singer Kisu’s new song ‘Waves of you’ is unusual. The music video, released along with the release of the new song, surpassed 1.3 million views in just ten days of release, drawing a lot of interest and response from overseas.

Beyond ENT, Kisu’s agency, said, “The number of YouTube views for KISU’s new song ‘Waves of You,’ released last month, exceeded 1.3 million in just ten days after it was released. Various K-pop media, including Russia and the United States, are pouring in requests for interviews,” he said on the 13th.

Before the official music video was released, Ki-soo has been drawing the attention of domestic and foreign fans who have been waiting for a long time through content (event) that pre-releases self-produced prologue videos and unpublished images of the process of making this new song and the music video shooting site.

This new song, ‘Wavers of You,’ released with a different feeling from the ‘BOY’ released in January, is music with a bright tempo different from the existing ballad songs. Was made with In addition, for overseas fans, the official English version of the new song will be released on the 29th and will continue to be active both at home and abroad.

Following the enthusiastic reaction of domestic and foreign fans to this new song, KISU became the first artist of the world tour under ‘2022 BEYOND WORLD TOUR IN EUROPE’ and bought the first ticket for the world tour on the 6th. It opened and raised expectations for the European tour.

Kisu (KISU), who is returning to Europe after four years as a solo artist, opened the first ticket for this world tour, and at the same time, the first ticket sold out in countries with the most K-pop, such as France, England, Spain, and Germany. They announced a smooth start and are preparing to open additional European tour tickets and promotions through various promotional events.

As Korean singers, who have been stranded due to Corona 19, are stretching out to overseas activities one after another, Kim Seong-Kwang, CEO of Beyond Ent, a European K-pop performance company and jockey’s agency, said, “We are flooding with invitations and interview requests from countries that started With Corona. . Thank you for your interest not only in Korea but also abroad, and although we are a little cautious in terms of timing, we will repay you with a wonderful performance by thoroughly preparing for a tour that exceeds the expectations of fans with wonderful performances and music.”

Next year’s ‘2022 BEYOND WORLD TOUR IN EOROPE’ is receiving much attention and is currently preparing to open the second ticket.

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